Bashar Assad: the end is nigh

Башар Асад: конец близок

Against the backdrop of unfolding international scandal, in which, as usual, Russia again proved to be the first cast, the question arises: and by the same really this Bashar Al-Asad. Why is a civil war around it, and another totalitarian dictator, Vladimir Putin, not the first year that saves his life and protects its Government troops from the air.

The interweaving of the fates and political interests in Syria is a matter difficult even for specialists on the Middle East. However, actually, civil war should not divert world public opinion from the main. Bashar Al-Assad, long ago passed the red line, for which his regime has no right to exist in the world today.

Bashar Assad: Biography

Bashar Al-Assad was born in 1965 year, and fate, It seems, from the outset, kissed him in causal place. His father Hafez Al-Assad, When the future dictator and murderer has not yet reached the age of five years, in a coup headed by country. But at the same time and headed the local Baath party, the title of which we are well known for a neighbouring country — Iraq, where it connected with the now deceased Saddam Hussein.

Interesting, Unlike father, Bashar Assad does not by its military education, and the doctor. Ophthalmologist. Its first education he received in Syria, and continued his studies in the UK. However, a trip to a civilized country droplets is not helped by the future dictator. No England failed to right it brains.

Heir of the father initially was supposed to be the elder brother of Asad, Basile. But he died in 1994 year in a car crash. So in the end, the throne was inherited by Bashar.

Hafez Assad, his father, country rules 30 years. Your post he left legs forward only 2000 year, dying from congestive heart failure. While the dictators, Unlike 21 century, still, from time to time, been able to die a natural death.

As is often the case, local Parliament wiped his feet on Constitution, fit under the basic law, the election of Bashar Al-Assad for the post of President. In particular, had to change the minimum age of candidates.

Assad's ruling Baath party put forward — unopposed. The results of the first and last vote were expected over 97% «for». The second time the election was no longer, decided to do a referendum with the question, whether people trust their leader.

Assad's Policy

During his indefinite Board Bashar Assad managed to quarrel with the United States and Israel. A specialist on the Middle East, there are substantial grounds for believing, He and his father had supported Palestinian terrorists.

But the dictator's foreign policy is the lesser. A real disaster broke out inside Syria. Starting with 2011 year population flatly refuses to obey the totalitarian regime. And initially peaceful performances rapidly escalated into a full-blown armed protest.

It is necessary to understand the root cause of much of the hard confrontations. The point is that, that alawite tribes, where does family Asadov, clearly do not represent the Syrian majority. However, the Edit they want — for life and the whole country.

And all dissent is Bashar Al-Assad on the totalitarian tradition accuses of terrorism. That today is not news. You can say, that all dictators do. Though actually, terrorist organizations from a neighbouring country likewise are the enemies of ordinary Syrians, like the rest of humanity.

Assad's Crimes

There is still no accurate data, How many of their fellow citizens Bashar Assad's authority killed in their custody or still torments. The death toll is estimated at approximately five thousand people. And arrested 14 thousands of. Thousands of Syrians were forced to flee to neighbouring countries. Many managed to reach Europe. In Syria a full-scale humanitarian disaster occurs.

In addition to the repression of its citizens Bashar Assad also accused of crimes against humanity and war crimes. Including proven application of its army of chemical weapons. At least 10 European citizens had been detained and tortured in Syria. At least 600 medical workers were killed during the war.

All this clearly says that, that Bashar Assad is waiting for the International Tribunal. If he, Of course, It would survive for.



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