United States Declaration of independence

Adopted by the Continental Congress 4 July 1776 year

Декларация о независимости США

When the course of events leads to, that one of the people forced to cancel political ties, connecting with other people, and take an independent and equal place among world powers, to which he is entitled under the laws of nature and its Creator, respect for the opinions of mankind requires it explain the reasons, which led him to this Office.

We start from the self-evident truth, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To secure these rights Governments are instituted people, drawing their authority from the consent of the governed. In the case of, If any form of Government becomes destructive to these objectives, people have the right to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, based on the principles and forms of organization of power, which, It seemed to him, best to ensure people safety and happiness.

Of course, prudence requires, to the Government, established for a long time, not be changed under the influence of the minor and transient circumstances; Accordingly,, all past experience confirms, that people tend to rather raze vices so far, as long as you can tolerate, rather than use his right to dissolve Government forms, become familiar to them.

But when a long series of abuses and usurpations, consistently subordinated to one and the same goal, proves treacherous plan to force people to put up with unlimited despotism, the overthrow of this Government and the creation of new security guarantees for the future becomes a right and a duty of the people.

These colonies for a long time, patience, and only need compels them to change the old system of Government. History of the Board now reigning king of Great Britain – This is the set of countless injustices and violence, the immediate purpose of which is to establish unlimited despotism. To confirm the above represent a fair trial all humanity the following facts.

  • He refused to give their consent to adoption laws, highly useful and necessary for the common good.
  • He prohibited his Governors to undertake urgent and extremely important laws, unless their action is not to be delayed pending receipt of Royal assent, but when they were suspended in this way, He demonstratively left them without any attention.
  • He allowed other laws, important for the life of the population of the vast districts, only when the, that it renounces the right to representation in the legislature, that is, from the right, invaluable for him and dangerous tyrants only.
  • He should convene a legislature in unusual and awkward places, located far from their place of storage of official documents, for the sole purpose of contra force them to agree with his proposed policies.
  • He has dissolved the House of representatives, courageously and strongly argued against his attacks on the rights of the people.
  • He's in for a long period of time after such a dissolution election of other deputies denied, bringing the legislative authority, that essentially indestructible, returning for their implementation to the people as a whole; in the meantime, the staff was exposed to all dangers, proistekavšim as against external invasion, and from internal strife.
  • He tried to prevent the colonization of these States, for this reason, ignoring the laws of naturalization of foreigners, denying the adoption of other laws, to encourage immigration, as well as impeding the provision of new plots of land.
  • He created obstacles to the realization of Justice, refusing to give consent to the adoption of laws on the judicial branch.
  • He put judges in exceptional dependence on his will by definition of the duration of their tenure, as well as the size and payment of their salaries.
  • He created many new posts and sent to us sonmiŝa officials, to harass people and deny his livelihood.
  • It contained in peacetime, we have a standing army, without the consent of our legislatures.
  • He sought to turn into an independent military power and a higher relative to civil authority.
  • It unites with other persons, to subjugate us jurisdiction, alien to our Constitution and our laws recognized not, claimed their acts, who had aspired to become law and serving:
    – for quartering large compounds with us armed forces;
    – for release through trials, are established only for visibility, from the punishment of military, the perpetrators of the killings of the inhabitants of these States;
    – to end our trade with all parts of the world;
    – for taxation us taxes without our consent;
    – for depriving us in many cases the benefits of trial by jury;
    – to send residents of the colonies beyond the sea with a view to bringing them to trial for the crimes ascribed to them;
    – to cancel the free system of English laws in a neighbouring province, establishing therein by despotic rule and expand its boundaries thus, to serve as an example at the same time and ready tool for introducing the same absolute rule in our colonies;
    – for feedback provided to us by the charters, cancellation of our most useful laws and fundamental change in the forms of our Governments;
    – for the suspension of the activities of our legislatures and arrogating powers to legislate instead of us in various cases.
  • He abandoned the colonies, Announcing the revoking his us protection and launching war against us.
  • He robbed us of the sea, devastated our shores, burning our city and deprived our people of life.
  • He currently sends us a large army of foreign mercenaries in order, to sow death among us, ruin and install tyranny, who have already found their expression in the facts of cruelty and perfidy, which hardly took place even in the most barbaric times, and totally unworthy the head of a civilized nation.
  • It forced our fellow citizens, captured on the high seas, to fight against their own country, killing their friends and brethren, or to die from their hands.
  • He incited us to internal rebellions and attempted to play on the inhabitants of our land border merciless Indian savages, whose recognized rules of war boil down to destroy people, regardless of age, sex and marital status.

In response to these oppressions we filed the petition, in the restrained tone, to restore our rights: in response to our repeated petitions followed only new injustice. The Tsar, nature which has all the features of, inherent in Tirana, may not be the ruler of a free people.

Equally we do not leave without attention and our British brothers. From time to time we cautioned them against attempts of Parliament unlawfully subjugate us jurisdiction. We reminded them about the causes, whereby we emigrated and settled here. We appealed to their inherent sense of Justice and generosity and called them, for the sake of our common tie of, to condemn these oppression, that inevitably had to disrupt our relations and communication. They also remain deaf to the voice of Justice and common blood. Therefore, we are forced to recognize the inevitability of our Division and consider their, how we see and the rest of humanity, as the enemy in time of war, friends in peacetime.

Therefore, we, the representatives of the United States of America, gathered at the General Congress, God's calling to confirm the integrity of our intentions, on behalf of and under the authority of the good people of these colonies, solemnly write and declare, that these United colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent States, that they are exempt from any dependencies in relation to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the British State should be completely broken, that as free and independent States, they have the authority to declare war, to conclude peace treaties, join unions, to trade, to perform any other actions, and all the, What has the right to an independent State. And with a firm confidence in the protection of Divine Providence, we swear to each other to maintain this Declaration of his life, his fortune and his untarnished honor.

As the United States Declaration of independence was adopted
The adoption of the Declaration of independence, United States


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