Birthday party entertainer and person Alexei Devotchenko

Алексей Девотченко

Today, 14 October, marks 45 years Honored artist of Russia and just a remarkable man Alexei Valer'evichu Devotchenko.

We know it to memorable roles, played in the cinema and theater. With his participation were filmed such movies, как Бандитский Петербург, Convoy PQ-17, The golden calf, Stolypin… Unlearned lessons, Agitbrigada “Bay enemy!” – 2007, Don't think about white monkeys, A room and a half or a sentimental journey to their homeland and many others.

Special would like to mention the role of Alexei Devotchenko in theater. И прежде всего его роль Порфирия Петровича в “Crime and punishment” based on the novel by F.m. Dostoyevsky (Director Grigory Kozlov). For this role 1994 actor received the highest theatrical Prize St. Petersburg “Golden sofit” и Театральную премию им. Stanislavsky in 1995 year). А также роль принца в “Sonata a happy city” by o. Wilde (Petersburg YOUTH THEATRE), Arkashkt Schastlivceva in “Forest” A. Ostrovsky (Theater on liteiny), Крейслер в “P. S. Kapellmeister Johannes Kreisler, its author and their beloved Julia” by Je.T.A. Hoffmann and w. a. Mozart (Alexandrinsky Theatre) etc.

In the Repertoire of Alexey Devotchenko several solo: “Songs of the Western Slavs” and “Russian roulette” (ueѕ. Vladimir Michelson), “Diary of provincials in St. Petersburg” by m. Saltykovu-Vladimir (Second prize at the first international solo Theatre Festival “Monocle”) and “Concert of Sasha Black piano artist” (ueѕ. Grigory Kozlov)

But not only for his roles in film and theater is known today Alexey Devotchenko. He was one of the first representatives of Russian intelligentsia, who openly spoke out against Putin's regime. Who defend freedom of Assembly, public speaking, the printed word. Who called on his colleagues in the profession – artists, -refuse to support criminal, a deeply flawed and cynical public authorities (see. Treatment of Alexey Devotchenko to artists). This statement close in spirit not only us, but all thinking people in our country.

We love Alexei Devotchenko for his creativity. He has an unusual talent. But it is doubly delights, that the above abilities made another outstanding human qualities: courage and integrity.

Online staff magazine Russia: The path to freedom heartily, heartily congratulates Alexey Devotchenko with his birthday and wish him success in all his endeavors, realizing his acting talent, lots and lots of wonderful roles, good directors. Personal happiness. Love and understanding audience. And this freedom. Because every artist must be truly free, does not depend on any State tyranny. Happy birthday to you, Aleksej Devotchenko!



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