Donald Trump-brings peace to war?

    Дональд Трамп - приближает мир к войне

    For celebrations, on the inauguration of Donald Trump, listening to the speech, the new President of the United States, people haven't noticed the main: Mir approached-just one step closer to a third world war. Because if America today, and suddenly, and actually happens, will exclusively their own political and economic problems, There's a serious chance, that the world will go on rampage. Fall apart into pieces, Finally said goodbye so tenuous balance, that has emerged over the past few decades.

    Economics and politics of Asia

    In the first place, the new situation with respect to such country, as China. When Trump says that, that he wants to return to their country of production, It concerns not Mexico and so much more, not Russia. And the so-called "world factory", that created their own well-being due to prevailing conditions in international trade.

    The slogan "buy American and Americans rent" may indicate that, one of the last Communist regimes as, in which he managed to achieve masquerade as economy, the end will come.

    The great mystery of the Chinese success is just that, that the cheap labor of the citizens of the Middle Kingdom, the secured exchange ratio, all these years gave certain trade advantages. No need to go to a fortune teller, to assume: course on development of own production will lead to an end of an era of unprecedented growth.

    And it means, that near the borders of Asia, as well as in the far east of Russia, we will meet with the hungry billion people, managed by the totalitarian Communist regime. Chances are, that red managers follow the same Vladimir Putin and make to expand their borders-for the sake of, to throw people a national idea and maintain its position. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences.

    The confrontation in Europe

    It's easy to assume, that the implementation of the ambitious promises Trump will cause, that Europe, and including NATO, can be without American support. Or at least, financial flows will decrease, While the United States somehow can resign from the "world's policeman", supporting democracy and established the international rule of law.

    Important do not even specific actions, enough promises made. Speech at the inauguration of the Donald Trump encouraging the totalitarian regime of Russia, razvorachivajushhemu its aggression in Europe, on the, that order or otherwise evade responsibility.

    It's no secret, that Vladimir Putin's actions are aimed not at the subjugation of the peoples, and on the, to distract their own people from protesting against the ruin of the country, crisis, coming not because of sanctions, and because of the total theft and failed governance. However, from the existing regime in Russia does not become less dangerous for neighbors.

    After all, any totalitarian regime with a fascist leaning-namely, the so called political and economic system, where the State, political governance, economic, financial components, as well as power structures and even MEDIA are in the hands of a narrow circle of people in power-each such treatment late or early to comes to foreign aggression.

    Capture Of The Crimea, the outbreak of war in Donbass and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine, war crimes in Syria. All these actions without consequences cause, that the regime feels its impunity.

    It's hard to say, which country will be next victims. Whether it is a State in Central Asia or in Baltics. Eastern or even Western Europe. Obviously one: with the connivance of America and NATO, the Kremlin will not stop on their "achievements".

    Trump and Islamic terrorism

    In his speech, Donald Trump promised Americans to erase Islamic terrorism from the face of the Earth ". However, it may be, on assuming office only, the new President of the United States did not mention a single word, turned out to be not yet aware of those reasons, that this most terrorism pose.

    By itself the destruction of individual fighters-not protect America from the threat of extremists. In order to defeat terrorism, It is necessary to strike a blow for the reasons, that give rise to. And this question, Of course, It is much more difficult, than populist promises such as the notorious Putin soldier's humor "Dunk in the outhouse".

    We do not know, the course whether Trump, for example, order, that many militants IGIL-dispatched, deported to Syria by Russian security services from the Caucasus and other regions. That manage all the same officers, serving once Saddam Hussein, many of them were trained and training is one of the famous northern neighbor. Which today, still, turns out to be extremely interested in destabilizing the situation in the Middle East and followed throughout Europe, where the flow of refugees.

    In addition, you need to understand, that Wednesday, in which international terrorism is the totalitarian system, in which radical movements have become one of the few opportunities for resistance to totalitarian regimes in their countries. The dictatorship of the individual, often dubious personalities is a nourishing Wednesday, in which religious sect. The Elimination of such systems, most likely is the surest way to create healthy secular States, where religious extremism is simply impossible and useless.

    Consequences for the world and for America

    If Donald Trump promises will be fulfilled, Neither American, Neither the world's problems will be solved not. Even if America manages to avoid them for the next four years.

    This is exactly what already was once in history, during the second world war. Then the United States until the last were hoping not to participate first in the European, and then in the Pacific conflict.

    Unfortunately, This is unlikely to. When World War II erupted, It is still late or early comes in each House, including, and the American.

    It is difficult to judge a person on the first day of his presidency. But hope, that America is a great country. The most developed in the world today. And hopefully, that its new President is enough strength and mind still leave populist slogans, and in the end, look at the real world and understand what is happening. After all, understand, that totalitarian world system-this is a real threat to his country, He wants to take care of your entire term. Whether?..



    1. And that Clinton Holy???? Trump could care less how the PRC satisfying or hungry, It's about his people baked just like Putin. Third world must expect not from Tram and from KNDRovskih daunov. That's where exactly the monkey with a grenade…


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