Ilham Aliyev

Totalitarian cronyism in Azerbaijan

Ильхам Алиев: тоталитарное кумовство в Азербайджане

Another dictator makes statement, He did not agree with the fall in oil prices, in emphasis does not see, that the world around us is changing and entertains the hope, that quotation will not fall below 40 dollars per barrel. This time with the world's number one luzerom Maduroj met for negotiations, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

The press service of the Moscow oil, received power from his Communist father of perekrasivšegosâ, quoting it verbatim:

“It is unfair and the balance must be restored. I'm sure, in this case, each can make a profit and balance of interests can be achieved. For two years the country, oil-exporting, facing severe losses. The income of these countries, including revenues of Azerbaijan fall, that is not fair. Justice must be done”

In reality, the economy of Azerbaijan is already a few years breathes on incense. Currency devaluation, going on job cuts. And the citizens of the country there are more and more questions, and where did this President and his entourage thing earned money, that flowed into the country through the pipes wide river, while prices remain high.

Suppressed protest in Azerbaijan

World opinion believes Azerbaijan one of the totalitarian countries, where protest is suppressed by the most brutal manner. What is the Suppression of citizens ' demonstrations in January of this year — with the help of the army, water cannons and tear gas.

A wave of arrests across the country. Detainees were such activists, as Nasim Hasanli, Iman Turan Aliyev and Ibragim. The charges were the opposition Musavat party and popular front party.

Repressions against journalists in Azerbaijan have begun much earlier. With its national feature: There, where the Court cannot hold a charge ", hostile to the country ", the go planted drugs and guns.

Rotten roots Aliyevs

Aliyev senior, Heydar, the founder of the dynasty, headed back in Azerbaijan 1969 year. Then he was appointed the first Secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, that is, in fact, became the first person in the Republic of.

The greatest achievement of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in this post was the dissemination of parochialism and nepotism, When posts and positions in the region occupied by people solely from their link. But the backbone of the party and business elite was formed exclusively of his relatives.

While the Communists are not often carried their dirty laundry in public, Therefore, in times of Andropov Aliyev-Pacific was transferred to Moscow. Where he continued to podhalimničat′ and faithfully serve the authorities a few years.

Finally his "turnuli" only 1995 year, When Mikhail Gorbachev. For the, that corruption and theft in the Republic have reached unimaginable dimensions. High party status is not allowed to give Aliyev Court, how this would be done in any normal country. Therefore the case was limited to "voluntary" resignation and retirement počtenuû.

"Surfaced" Heydar Aliyev-during the Greek civil war in the country in the first post Soviet years. He first tried to enlist Moscow, but later turned to the West. It's hard to say, Why Boris Yeltsin at that time did not have with him and expressed his extreme passivity. Perhaps, including and because, that he knew of his own party's past, who is this Aliyev actually.

Nevertheless,, in 1993 Azerbaijan gone a little election. Where Heydar Aliyev had scored a whopping 98% votes. If someone, Of course, believe in their honesty with this result.

Further post-war success Aliyev was a foregone conclusion: in his hands were oilfields, which were allocated to the development of foreign companies. Nationals, as usual, got leftovers with bar table, and all posts, on the back in 80-th years tradition, were divided among relatives and other associates.

Resistance of dissent, including military 1995 year, It was brutally suppressed. The participants condemned.

The transfer of power by inheritance

The last elections, Heydar Aliyev were to be held in 2003 year. However he participated in them already one foot in the grave, not to say, feet forward. By the time of the vote, he was, most likely, already unconscious is in hospital in United States, where he was transported from Turkey.

In the latest appeal, Heydar Aliyev said, What is withdrawing its candidacy in favor of his son, Ilham. The opinion of citizens of Azerbaijan especially no one asked.

The first years of the reign of the new President have proved to be successful. However, This script to all known: starting with 1998 year oil quotations grew, forgiving any sins of the rulers of neftedojnyh countries.

The tradition of suppressing protests preserved. So, another massacre took place in opposition 2005 year, immediately after the parliamentary elections. And in 2008 year, that is, even before, than Putin or Yanukovych, Ilham Aliyev is substituting the Constitution, having done so, to the President can be elected more than twice.

Partly by luck, not without additions and lies, then before 2013 the year things went more or less good. While money flowed the river, Aliyev junior won is hardly the first place in the world on the scale of corruption. Almost all profitable business in the country ended up in the hands of his clan. Family othvatilo yourself banks, construction and telecommunications companies, Gold, oil fields, and so on.

All this flourished until the, While in 2014 year, When the uptrend is over, and quotes started rolling down, but the world began to change.

In September 2016 year a referendum was held in Azerbaijan, as a result of which further expanded the powers of the President, a term in power has grown for two years, from five to seven years. In general, centralized power continues to be strengthened. Though actually, This large barrels stolen from the people of Azerbaijan and honey ointment, not one.

In reality, thieves and corrupt system of governance is never an effective. So, oil production in Azerbaijan has ceased to grow further in 2012 year. Even then, Ilham Aliyev was supposed to understand, the financial crisis is hard to breathe into his back.

The second point, that is worth mentioning is the total change in attitude towards corrupt officials in the civilized world. Perhaps, This happened as a result of the actions of Putin and his entourage, where, too, the time most countries closed their eyes. Today, however, it must be recognized, the situation is reviewed. And those times, When money, stolen in their country, will be confiscated, not just around the corner.

How much is left Aliyev

We should pay tribute to Ilham Aliyev, In contrast to Putin, He has not gone mad with grief, When quotes resources reached the peak and started rolling down. Azerbaijan has not got involved in a new war with neighbouring countries.

Unlike many dictators, Ilham Aliyev made the right choice, focusing on cooperation with developed countries, rather than confronting them. So his money offshore, at least, for the time being, are in relative safety.

So that the threat to his rule is somewhere within Azerbaijan, rather than outside of it. At what time is still enough patience at the niŝaûŝego people — the big question. One can say with accuracy: Another way, In addition to democratic development, still no. Today, therefore, Ilham Aliyev is just another dictator, who stands in line for their Independence.


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