For a peaceful democratic revolution

Interview with Mark Zinchenko

За мирную демократическую революцию Интервью, Марк Гальперин

Russia is changing. Following the mass protests 2012 year, When it seemed, that irreversible change from very close, come times of repression, Court trial over participants of the rally on bolotnaya square. Then started raising hysteria about Crimea. Power still was able for a time to distract people from the main. Many broken. And then came the day of reckoning. Crisis, that is likely to, the Kremlin will last.

Today our interlocutor is Mark Halperin, the most fearless man, that in spite of everything, time after time goes on the street with a placard: "Create a movement for change». One of the few, who has not changed its position. First at rallies, and now, When any meeting is actually forbidden — in single pickets.

Mark, You participate in protest actions for more than five years. Why do you think Putin's State system bad?

– Because she is a Bandit and thief. At the pinnacle of power are confidants of Putin, control of the entire national economy. But at the middle and lower level — vassals and proteges clan system. Destroyed all democratic institutions elections, Court, MEDIA. And, more recently, to "regular" corrupt component added to the war in Georgia, Ukraine and Syria-and this is a war crime. Certainly, such a power does not suit me, and I want to change it.

As, According to you, happened, that the reforms of 1990 's, When the country was on the path to democracy, ended so, What we are seeing now?

– I will not scold while, people have made grandiose transformations-piled totalitarian stroy. I note immediately, not a Communist, not Socialist, as communism and socialism there not smelled, namely totalitarian stroy. Certainly, do not immediately succeeded. People were not willing to become masters of their country. And this advantage of crooks. Now you want to make the second step, kick out these con men and learn to govern. At all levels, from his house and above.

What will happen to Russia in the near future, If nothing will change?

– In the short term will be worsening crisis. Exit the current regime will no longer be able to, because she is focused only on money, derived from the sale of natural resources. 90% exports are raw materials and products of low value. Power crushed freedom and business, power does not love independent people nor the citizens represented by employees, nor the Enterpreneurs. A free man with an independent opinion-enemy for power.

As a result of, without the support of entrepreneurs, Russia has become the appendage of the rest of the world. While the rest of the world after the annexation of part of Ukraine decided to punish kremlëvcev-lowered energy prices and our country automatically slid into crisis. And apparently it will continue until, until we, citizens of their countries, not shall throw off kremlëvcev.

For that you struggle, How do you represent a country after Putin?

– People are now confused, they understand, that there is something wrong. By inertia, true, still support Putin, but only one. No other name from the current politicians in power they call cannot. Yes, the bulk of the people was not yet ready to join the opposition movement, only by watching the protests. Think, that over time people will understand, so it is impossible to continue living. And then we'll observe and endorsement of opposition, and the massive growth of the protest movement.

Power in the country should change by democratic revolution. Then it is necessary to carry out a number of reforms. It is necessary to do so, to avoid power controlled the people, and people controlled power.

During the transitional period, that is, after, as the current rulers of the country saying, you need to hold the lustration, free the MEDIA from censorship. Make courts independent. And to hold fair elections. Suppose, that these changes take place in the first six months after the change of power.

You should start a change? What do I need to do?

– The ideal society scheduled in programmes of all the current parties and movements, and you will be surprised, even in the "Unified Russia" offers wonderful things, including the fight against corruption. So the question is not so much, What I want to do, But how it is put into practice.

But to really change something for the better can be the only way. Creates a movement for change, that includes cell protest in all cities. These cells are holding protests and simultaneously call into its ranks of like-minded people.

Once we understand, that movement has not less than one hundred thousand participants, What this means, that created the preconditions for the start of the democratic revolution. It will start in Moscow, on one of the central squares, which will come out as members of the movement, and most importantly, concerned citizens. Roughly speaking, every activist should sagitirovat′ a further ten people. Only then the street will be out a significant number of people under a million.

It is important to note, that it will not rally, and the confrontation of the people and the authorities. This confrontation will last one day, and it's not a one-time event, like the rally. Someone as a result of confrontation must go, or provorovavšiesâ officials, hiding behind a police and created now nacgvardiej, either the people. I hope so, What we stand.

It seems, that this confrontation, at least, on the part of the authorities, begins today. Even then, When the required number of protesters is only going to. Tell me honestly, You sometimes scary? Is there a desire to give up the fight?

– Oppositionists, of course, face pressures from the authorities. Activists fired, expelled from institutions, them make criminal cases, obkladyvajut the Ethereal fines, their insulting, they threaten, sometimes beat, but as they say, Nobody promises, It would be easy. You need to understand, that our opponents-bandits. Let in expensive suits and sometimes with a good education, but in fact-bandits. So don't relax.

I came to protest in winter 2011 year. Simply said to myself-do something! And done-found on the Internet one of the oppositional organizations. It turned out the solidarity movement, and I took him. The choice was correct, Since this organization has carried out protests in Moscow, Perhaps, The best. True back in the year 2001, that is called in person, I showed civil activity-he was elected to the Board of the HOA, succeeded in local elections to oust the crooks from the management company and reduce the rents of tenants by half without reducing the quality of care homes.

Yes, me too scary. But as said my friend Ildar Dadin, by the way a boxer, -"everyone is afraid of, But bravery, It takes». That is the fear of confrontation is not an innate sense of, Vice versa, innate sense is just fear. But always afraid you cannot. Otherwise, slavery. From it we should go, and encourage. So fight I did not cancel my. Together-win!

Mark, Thank you, for the, that told about the program non-violent democratic revolution, their protest and about yourself. And now the most important thing. On your poster says "Create movement». Where to go so, who also wants — turnover this power?

– We have a website, on which much, out of order, What we do today, painted in more detail: Join our movement. We are in favour of the Constitution, We are for freedom and democracy. And we will win!


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