Muammar Al-Gaddafi

Biography, the teachings of Moammar Gadhafi and his inglorious end

Муаммар Каддафи, смерь Каддафи

Muammar Gaddafi is a dictator, came to power at the end of the 60-ies of the last century, who stayed in power for half a century, but in the end was overthrown and killed by their own people. His biography is typical of the usurper, placing themselves and their psevdoučenie above freedom and democracy.

Early biography Gaddafi

The exact BirthDate of Muammar Gaddafi is not known to anyone. He was born in 1940, whether 1942 year in a poor family of Bedouin nomads, than later dictator immensely proud of.

From a young age the young Moammar became fascinated with politics. And even once in my youth was expelled from school for participation in the meeting. While Gaddafi spoke for a very good purpose: the overthrow of the monarchy, the independence of the colonies on the African continent, and so on.

Then he chose a military career and graduated from college with the rank of Lieutenant. Captain Gaddafi became, After training in the uk.

Before the eyes of the young officers at the time was an example of Egypt, released from the monarchy and became country, where were the election. As a result, in 1962 the party was established Free officers unionism-Socialists and held the first Congress, in which Gadhafi participated as one of the leaders.

After a careful and long enough training in September 1969 year revolution in Libya, as a result of which the Muammar al-Gaddafi became head of State.

The Power Of Gaddafi: features of the dictatorship

From the outset, is hardly the first steps Gaddafi began expelling foreigners and the rejection of all West. The old laws were repealed. Repressions against dissenters, including both against the supporters of the previous Government, and, for example, Communists.

All this was served under the cover of religion, as a return to Islamic heritage.

At the same time, Gadhafi has begun to take the first steps to export its revolution in the coming African countries and the countries of the Middle East. As well as the neighbors were burning desire to retrace his path, the aspiring dictator began generously funding of expropriated funds and proceeds from the sale of resources all sorts of radical movements and terrorists.

The Gaddafi Regime

As is often the case, dictators based their eternal stay in power are taking some kind of theory. And not always the most famous and popular. It happened with Gaddafi: a former Revolutionary, fascinated by the teachings of the Russian anarchist Kropotkin and Bakunin. The result was a kind of political system, higher power which officially became considered the Libyan people. The so-called "Jamahiriya, that is literally, the power of the masses.

Gaddafi himself formally, nor his accomplices no official posts after the reform do not occupy. But we should not deceive ourselves. In fact, Libya all and sundry zapravlâlo so-called "Revolutionary leadership led by Muammar Gaddafi himself. In fact, it was a military junta, having invaded the power.

Not worth for complacency, no freedom for the people in Libya was not. Suffice it to mention the fact, that law, prohibiting strikes, any protest, meetings have already been adopted in 1972 year, that is just two years after the revolution.

In the same year the revolutionary leadership dissolved and banned all other parties and groups. And for all the years of Gaddafi from waged an endless war with counterrevolution and internal conspiracies.

And opponents of the regime killed not only within the country, but outside. Known, that at least 15 people died at the hands of the Libyan secret services in the uk, Italy, Greece, United States and so on.

Like all dictators, Gaddafi podmâl under any legal system of his country. So, It is believed, that his hands have killed at least 500 opponents of the regime. And at the same time, in 1988 year he personally released dozens of political prisoners.

Its political regime of Gaddafi immortalized in trehtomnike called "the Green Book". However, the aspirations of the people of a dictator in his work — a penny is not worth breaking, as the leader of the revolution people, but in the first place, those, who was with him did not agree personally, didn't put in anything.

Muammar al-Gaddafi and international terrorism

For the first time the Libyan trail was officially named after the attack on the u.s. military in West Berlin in 1986 year. And at the same time, Muammar al-Gaddafi first ran into American retaliation. Bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi were subjected.

In 1988 year, Muammar Gaddafi has committed, Perhaps, fatal error, which ultimately cost him his life. It is no secret, that developed countries most often busy with their problems, and they rarely go hand to out-and-out dictators of third world countries.

However, civilized community nothing remains, When it comes to the mass deaths of civilians, and from developed countries. This is exactly what happened in the times: in the skies over Lockerbie was blown up Boeing 474 airline UTA, a flight from London to New York. All 270 people on board were killed. In a matter of days details, According to which the terrorist attack by secret service officers stood in Libya.

From this moment on, You can take it, even though, that many Western leaders still negotiate with Gaddafi and even hold his hand when meeting, his fate had already been sealed. Gaddafi, You can say, was sentenced.

The rebellion broke out in 2011 year. It began with a protest by relatives of those killed under mysterious circumstances before the end of the political prisoners. Power went on to a number of concessions, but the people who had gathered to protest citizens they no longer acted. Very quickly the main steel political slogan, including Gaddafi's resignation.

The power of the national leader of the shaken. Advanced zarvavšemusâ podrezalo UN executioner and dictator wings, banning all sorts of arms transfers to Libya.

Yet after a while developed countries have begun an operation to support the rebels from the air. The omnipotence of the Libyan army went into decline. Purchased military equipment from Russia was not in a position to offer any serious resistance to the Allied aviation. To deal with the entire civilized world proved harder, than kill representatives of his people.

The Death Of Gaddafi

In 2011 year PAL mode, but Muammar Gaddafi struck, as usual in such cases, in the running. His arrest warrant was issued in the Hague. But for his salvation and fair court developed countries did nothing. Perhaps, because Boeing». Gaddafi stayed alone with her angry people.

And in the end, it caught. In the sewer in the vicinity of Sirte. At the time of the arrest he was still alive. There are two versions of his death. On one, Gadhafi killed one of angry Libyans, who shot him whether by accident, whether it is in retaliation for someone from relatives. According to another version, which is more like a truth, Gaddafi was killed by the mob. Executed mob killings.


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