Nazarbayev becomes an executioner

Назарбаев становится палачом

In his old age, before heading out, followed by Islam Karimov at the light, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Honorary Shaitan decided to zadelat′sâ in executioners. For the first time in many years, Despite moratorium, in Almaty the death penalty.

Specialized inter-District Court of Almaty has rendered this decision against Ruslan Kulekbaeva, wines which murder 10 the man was completely proven. 18 July 2016 He attacked the police station. For his capture was introduced a degree of terrorist threat-red.

Nursultan Nazarbayev called actions of terrorism Kulebaeva. And most likely, It's really so: sentenced to death had already served a sentence in prison, where was seen in links with terrorist groups.

According to the Kulekbaeva, the reason for the massacre is a revenge for the oppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. He fully confessed their crimes, but not repented.

Punishment or reprisal

In spite of the fact, that do not have the slightest doubt of the guilt of Kulekbaeva, Nevertheless,, It is surprising the sentence itself. The point is that, that in Kazakhstan 2004 year introduced a moratorium on the death penalty. That logically should put an end to such judicial decisions.

The convict deserved punishment, but another, for example, life imprisonment. Sentence of death creates a dangerous precedent not only for Kazakhstan, but for his closest allies and neighbors of totalitarian, including the countries of Central Asia, and Russia.

Nazarbayev and protest

Known, not in Kazakhstan one decade ago, established the dictatorship of. Nazarbayev has long ago recognized as "leader of the nation" and other. No freedom of speech, Assembly, opinions in his country for many years no. And corruption and larceny, all the reins of power in politics and the economy are owned by Nazarbayev clan.

In these circumstances, the aging dictator fears most — protest actions, that can escalate into revolution. The first step, therefore, the death penalty in fact can be considered quite expected step in tightening the totalitarian regime.

All aging «leaders» late or early start massacres of their people. And the death penalty, If it will be enforced — will be another measure, that will protect human willfulness is stealing and living monument-giant.

Measure the impact of

After all, most dictators come to "necessity" to kill people. From Stalin to Gaddafi. And in this respect, Nazarbayev is no exception.

Then, What did Kulekbaev — really, terrorism. However, it should not be forgotten, extremist movements that people come in including such, as Nazarbayev, because other ways of protest, the power of leaves.

The totalitarian regime is the same soil, where lush color blooms religious extremism. Alternatively, the disagreement could be expressed in the form of a meeting or in fair elections.

As a result, Nazarbayev, over the years, surviving from the mind, If he is afraid of terrorists, even Lifers deadline, It is worth to recommend buy diapers. Can, and sand from the podium during speeches — will not be as shed.


  1. In some countries, the dictatorship is much more effective than imaginary democracy, a show trial more efficient, than exemplary pardon.

  2. I myself am a resident of the city of Almaty. Remember the day. Was relatively near the epicentre in the region of 500. Then they were creepy story in connection with misinformation. When it turned out, that is the work of a single person, all breathed freely. However, the massacre also have the wrong side? – the motives of the offender…We all know how sometimes the siloviki mock provinivshimisja citizens, even when he just came in turn sign…Radical measures in the form of lynching can correctly and on the other hand, What would make others take outrages.

  3. На мой взгляд, решение было сделано верно, так как к таким преступникам нужно применять крайние меры воздействия на них.

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  5. And it seems to me these subhumans and such should be shot. Better the money, that would go on his life content translate orphans.


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