Former Argentine President sentenced to 20 years for the massacre of opposition

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Бывший президент Аргентины осужден на 20 лет

Former dictator President of Argentina received a 20-year sentence for the massacre of opposition. The sentence was handed down recently, Reynaldo Bignone, who came to power in that country 1982 year, However,, as it known, crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations.

The reason for the charges was the Operation Condor, carried out during his presidency. The Court has been proven abduction 23 man, which subsequently were not found.

Reynaldo bignone ruled for a very short time. It belongs to the most illustrious group of South American dictators of the right wing, with models which today in some countries, for example in Russia, take the example of political and economic systems. Another well-known representative of this trend: Augusto Pinochet. And the nearest European predecessor is likely, Mussolini.

During the reign of Reynaldo Bignone against opposition activists had begun full-scale undeclared war. They kidnapped, with them lynched without trial. Now it is proved, the former President of Argentina, was a participant in those events.

However, in reality, Reynaldo Bignone ruled for a very short time. Already in 1983 He left his post as President of Argentina, and in 1985 year against him was filed first criminal case. Then he managed to avoid liability and a year later he was released.

In 2006 year investigation was started again, and Reynaldo Bignone was under house arrest. In 2010 the year he got 25 years in prison for human rights violations.

Then accusations in other episodes have followed one after the other: in 2012 year yet 30 years for kidnapping, and finally, in 2016 year — still 25 years in Operation Condor. This time together with him being found guilty and sentenced to another 14 officers.Argentine President Reynaldo Bignone to court

Argentine President Reynaldo Bignone: Biography

Rejal′do Bignone was born in Buenos Aires in 1928 year. Chose a military career, trained including in Europe, in Spain. Upon returning to Argentina, he served in the armed forces.

The policy began in the 1970-ies, When the opposition resisted the rule of Isabel Martinez de Peron. The President of Argentina, was considered the world's first woman at the head of the country, true, not chosen, and hold her followed her husband.

Isabel De Peron was overthrown by the military in 1976 year when mass popular support. But immediately after that, the country began the repression and massacres against the opposition mainly left-wing. Its place was taken by the President of Argentina, headed the junta, Jorge Videla.

And in 1981 year Reynaldo Bignone actually slipped his colleague, taking the post of the head of the country.

Board Bignone was short-lived. Argentina is not a country and not the people, which tolerate over a dictator-the impostor. After ouster against Reynaldo Bignone began prosecuting violations of human rights.

Today, Argentina is considered though not rich, but democratic country, where dictators are responsible for their acts. Interesting, What is now officially in the country the former President of Argentina Bignone not even is an official head of State, Since he took office, as considered later, not legally.

The example of Argentina is a good lesson for the usurpers of power in other countries. Another example, that crimes against humanity 21 century-late or early have to respond.


  1. Here is a great example of a democratic State, do not give a run down former ruler, and even more so to condemn ,for his former crimes.

  2. All dictators are fighting with the opposition, and their minions they help. Citizens should be respected for their opinions, Let it differs from your. This is a civilized society.

  3. В Южной Америке постоянно судят какого-нибудь президента или диктатора, гремучая смесь рас и темпераментов дает себя знать.


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