Putin – killer

    Путин - убийца

    The Kremlin, in the face of the Press Secretary of the Russian President's expired, requires a correspondent for American broadcaster Fox News apologies for, what he called Putin killer. Meanwhile,, evidence suggests that, What actually is the real killer and Putin have. It is he, fulfilling the role of the so-called Supreme Commander, bears personal responsibility for the death of people in Syria and in Ukraine. And he fought in the first case is not at all with the IGIL, and mainly with the Syrian people, a rival to bloody totalitarian regime Bashar Assad.

    Call the man a killer — a serious accusation. And of course, This position will have to prove. And we also take an active part. Try to understand, Why then, What makes Putin delay, You can hardly take it, for example, the fight against terrorism.

    Whom Russia kills in Syria

    Even in the 2015 year another journalist, Reuters correspondent, published research data, that showed: 80% beats Russia in Syria were VCS not by territory, controlled by the IGIL, and the countryside, located in the hands of the opposition.

    This figure was recently confirmed at the Munich Security Conference. Only 20% bombs and missiles dropped on terrorists. The rest — not only on opponents of the regime of Bashar Assad scumbags, but for the most part — on civilians, infrastructure, school, kindergartens, hospitals. These data confirm the numerous humanitarian organizations.

    Along the way, it is worth noting, the Russian side, reporting on its operations, without lies. No 30 th. attacks speech does not go. International observers recorded 3761 air raid, with about 3 thousands — by terrorists.

    Mass deaths of innocent people, on a par with the Assad regime's repressive measures have led to a full-scale humanitarian crisis — a mass exodus of the Syrians from their land in Europe and in other countries in America, in Australia, and so on.

    The Russian side, in fact, to varying degrees, not only supports the Syrian army, but on the contrary, spotted in the replenishment of the IGIL, where the person went, suspected of being linked to terrorist organizations. By and large, it can be argued, that the Putin system supports both sides.

    According to human rights organizations, under the blows of the Russian army in Syria killed at least over 1,000 civilians — as at March last year, through the first few months after the start of operation. What will be the total number of victims can only guess, because attacks have increased significantly in recent months.

    How many people died in Ukraine

    Only Russians killed approximately 10 th. people during the most acute phase — invasion into Ukraine in August-October 2014 year. Then 28 August, the Russian army moved into the open an unexpected offensive in support of separatists in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts of Ukraine. The exact figure is classified losses. Roughly the same number of fatalities was the Ukrainian side.

    These data can be gleaned from a variety of sources. Firstly, data called Ukraine. But Russian figures, If hold analysis of mortality the country is also show roughly the same results.

    It is only a few months of the war. However, we know, that deterioration occurs — with enviable regularity. And all this time if not for sending tanks into battle, then at least, the delivery technology, weapons, shells and cartridges is invariably worth Putin's Russia, sejushhaja death in a neighbouring State.

    The last such conflict, When the separatists again, Obviously, After receiving financial and military sustenance, climb into the fray. And Ukrainian families receive death notices on their loved ones.

    And for these deaths is too, without a doubt, bears personal responsibility delayed President Putin.

    Downed Boeing

    It would seem, can be, the war in Syria, battles in Ukraine — all this applies only to developing countries. But death did not spare, his Kremlin — and other countries, from the Netherlands to Malaysia.

    Responsibility for Boeing, downed over the Donetsk oblast of Ukraine, entirely lies on the Russian army. No sane person would believe, that such a technique could manage some "rebels", and so much more, that you can take in the military unit in Russia without the knowledge of superiors, from local management to the consent of the Minister of Defense and Commander-in-Chief of the ultimately.

    On the same say and international experts, which tracked the path of "Buka" from the border.

    Tribunal for this Act of international terrorism has not been created only for one reason: the first accused, ironically, could veto the, to his same prosecuted. Otherwise, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, would have had every chance to already be internationally wanted.

    Other murders

    Entirely Russia and its President Vladimir Putin is overdue and are responsible for other crimes, by them, starting with 2000 year and even before. This and the war with Georgia. And carpet bombing of Chechnya, fighting for independence.

    And dubious terrorist attack in Russia, including explosions of apartment houses in Moscow, When on the wave of struggle against terrorism out of nowhere when a sick Yeltsin resurfaced this Putin – Mr Rdx, having the support rating at that time voters already in 2% and suddenly stranded first challenger for Presidency.

    At least, It was on this idea, even without konspirologii, unwittingly suggests history with teachings on the explosion of an apartment house in Ryazan, after revelations that suddenly stopped all sorts of attacks.

    Single story — the murder of dissident Litvinenko in London. Russia's participation in this crime actually proven in the Court of Great Britain. But who would believe, that the Elimination of the special services of its former employee might be executed — without the consent of the head of State?

    Crime and Putin

    When Vladimir Putin was something simple Petersburg bureaucrat, against which had conducted criminal cases on corruption and abuses in the city. Even earlier — with more, What strange circumstances he is from foreign intelligence, suddenly found himself exiled to the province on the domestic service — Bacon, support mode.

    There is no doubt, that something is hidden from us, just like that of intelligence in St. Petersburg did not transferred and do not translate. But we will not know for a long time it has, what he did.

    But back to Putin in the City Hall of service. When Frank, as they say in Russian, the smell of fried, Vladimir Vladimirovich heading to Moscow to increase. Most likely, It was one of the few chances for him to avoid prosecution.

    His career growth and promotion under Yeltsin were nothing but, as a way to cover up its past crimes, stop started an investigation. As a result, in order, to hide the evidence in one case, as is often the case, have to go to a new violation of the law.

    So step by step we have come to, What is today. Ukraine and Crimea — to citizens not asked, where are the oil money for 15 years in power, rather than whether their friends looted and he himself. Syria is because weak "patriotic effect" from Ukraine. And so on.

    But today Russia is once again concentrating its troops is now not only the border of Ukraine, but Belarus. Certainly in line behind Putin's Kremlin have "thinkers also Kazakhstan and other republics of Central Asia. Unable to escape from the fraternal embrace of Armenia and other countries of the Caucasus region.

    Why Putin is killer

    Even if expired, President Vladimir Putin didn't kill anyone with his own hands, It means nothing. Because the criminal legislation of any country in the Organization of crime is one of the forms of participation, the most serious is. Hardly worthy of greater punishment, than direct execution planned.

    So what would not say spokesman Peskov, Nobody before Putin apologize will not. If something does not suit — see you in court. And better, the International Tribunal, whom Putin for their feats — once upon a time deserves. Here's there and explain, killer or not. Putin has long been there waiting. Already years late 15 on it are bored.

    And better, This issue does not prolong. Because die around the Russian leader "people. Yes, the process will be long, representatives of at least a dozen countries need to give evidence.


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