A Russian bomber actually knocked down America?

Российский штурмовик на самом деле сбила Америка?

With the permission of say, telekanal Zvezda – broad and straight "patriots", followed by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, put forward a new version, how Turkey managed to bring down a Su-24 in November last year. If you believe that questionable source, the blame is not the backwardness of Russian equipment and not even Turkish pilots, (a)… you won't believe, again America.

Mastaki on all sorts of fiction with a political subtext explained what happened so. The plane knocked down opponents of Erdogan, that relate to United States.

Filing an outright political tufty is furnished as usual. Referring to the Turkish newspaper Aksam, journalist who, in turn proves the veracity of its version of the words of another Russian Analytica Leonid Reshetnikov.

As feeder and solidity, to this very post presented Reshetnikov: Director of the Russian Institute of strategic studies (RISS). That is, he lives in the end through the same fools, who pay taxes to Putin.

The question is, Why should we trust this source? It is here the site "stars" leads absolutely murderous, just sshibajushhij the argument Chair, We quote verbatim:

"Words you can trust Reshetnikova, After all, he has long served in the foreign intelligence service of Russia!».

In this exact wording we, If honestly, added is just an exclamation point. Of course, all spies say exclusively the truth. In features, former and still sitting on a budget.

Not taken into account, that Russian aircraft had been shot down over Turkish territory as infiltrator. That domestic pilots fly almost with navigators in the American GPS phones. That orientation in space they use mirror, victims attached to hand-rear view for review.

Of course, Russian propagandists, and I want to use another word, We must at all costs maintain the myth of the military power of the country. About Tom, that Russia, as in Germany 1945 year, is about to develop, and generally has somewhere in a warehouse a superweapon, that could change the balance of power in the world.

That's just it all… Tales for internal use. Turkey belongs to NATO, and militarily it Chief ally, the United States of America. And no midozvony will never be able to drive a wedge between them.

Frankly, Putin has not just hit in the back in the sky turetchiny. He hit well below. You can even say very rude, that it did. But the most interesting, listening to tales of "stars", impression, that he even liked.


  1. Я вот уверенна, что США сбили, из-за очередного бреда возникшего в их голове.
    I hope so, они когда-нибудь оставят нас в покое.

  2. Самолеты летают, их кто-то сбивает. И возникает спор, а кто это мог быть? И это в те времена, когда любой желающий может увидеть свой двор на мониторе своего гаджета благодаря спутникам.

  3. Аргумент и правдасшибающий со стула”, а что самое интересное неотесанные массы в большинстве своем верят в теорию мирового заговора против великой россии.

  4. Самолет сбит Турцией, как там появились американцы не совсем ясно. Наши военные уже не знают, что придумать, чтоб оправдать наши устаревшие самолеты, военную технику. Выпустят десять новых экземпляров и пиарят по всем СМИ, а в Российской глубинке, в военных частях, оружие и техника вся 90-х годов прошлого века.


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