Russia is preparing for war

Чем ближе банкротство, тем вероятнее неадекватные действия Кремля

Россия готовится к войне

Russia is preparing for war. No, not the world. On the world economy of Russia in no way pulls. Yes and it has no allies, to contrast the two camps world powers. Most likely, the next war, that at any time could unleash more Russia will be similar to the confrontation of Iraq and the coalition of developed countries. With approximately the same consequences.

The world blackmail

Step by step the Kremlin rolls down to cheap blackmail of the international community for the North Korean scenario. One of the most vivid examples was the release of the country from the plutonium disposition.

Of course, analysts understand, that keeping potentially dangerous nuclear waste, that potentially can be used for the production of additional warheads, unlikely to change the balance of power on the world stage. All clear, that, in any case – the first launch will be Russia and the last.

However, the fact, methodology approach. Uttered by a requirement for the lifting of sanctions, monetary compensation is for compliance with nuclear parity.

Economic background

With each passing day it is becoming clearer and clearer, What with the Russia, We know, have to say goodbye forever already our generation. Current economic affairs-outcast go from bad to worse.

Experts disagree, exactly when this happens. Whether the reserves will run out this year, or the economy will stretch his legs only for next. But the overall trend no doubt. Money runs out. Ideas for saving the country in power not. And instead of, to take at least some steps to reform, Kremlin goes on the most dangerous and simultaneously the most flawed way: the militarization of the economy and finding the perpetrators of both internal and external crisis.

A series of war crimes

Throughout the week Russia effectively accused of two offences. It's hard to say, more here: military or terrorist component. Firstly, Finally it became clear, that "Boeing" in the sky over Donbass was shot down not by someone, namely, Russian army.

Proven, that beech had entered Ukraine from Russia and left the territory of the country in the direction of Russia. Only very dim-witted people can take it, that similar technique can somehow get in our country without the knowledge of senior leadership of the army, including the President, its Supreme Commander.

No less tragic look massive bombardment of civilian targets in Syria. In fact Russia step by step from a fighter against terrorism become a Chief terrorist in the region, carrying more grief to the local population, than all the rest.

An outstanding case is the destruction of the UN convoy. And medical facilities, houses of the Syrians, victims bombarded by VCS, already struggling are reference counted.

Officially, the Kremlin has accused the United States, in cooperation with the so-called moderate Islamists, calling it a deal with the devil. But actually, around the world has long been clearly: the real Satan on Syrian land is Bashar Assad, supported Putin. He and his totalitarian regime were the main cause of the civil war in the region.

Recent "exploits" of the Kremlin, and together, and individually pulled at least pulls on the International Tribunal for the Russian military command and its senior management. Followed by life period. Such things are not forgotten and not forgiven over time. So retreat to Putin and his entourage is in fact already have nowhere.

Preparations for war

Only the blind cannot see today, that Russia ostentatiously preparing for war. First of all, This is evident from the economic policy of the country. Against the background of total social expenditure reduction, education, medicine and more, Nevertheless,, growing military budget.

It is in these days, Right now, The Finance Ministry is discussing spending cuts until the end of the year at least 374,5 млрд рублей. Authorities have recalled long forgotten word "sequestration", popular in the period, which she did with a certain disdain calls "the turbulent 1990s».

While military spending, Vice versa, It is expected to increase by a further 678,8 млрд рублей. Moreover, the Government wants to approve the rule, According to which further increases the cost of this category 10% dare to be in working order — without further approvals.

The additional funds would be spent, really not clear. Defense expenditures are classified as secrecy. Therefore, you cannot even imagine, that will be paid for from supplementary funds: Defence order or another war. All we can talk about the amount of 1,6 трлн рублей, You can spend on the personal order of the Minister of finance.

At the same time, the Ministry for emergency situations announced plans to conduct exercises of civil defense, which should take about 40 млн граждан. In parallel, it becomes apparent, that is only a fraction of the 140 million population. Obviously, What else no one save in case of global catastrophe anybody especially is not going to.

Russian media pounced on the enemies of the regime — with the same promotional power. As in the days of the invasion of Ukraine.

Point of contact

A possible point of the military clashes between Russia and other countries could easily become Syria. Today officially announced, that the United States get out of agreements with our country. As a result of the actions of the military will no longer be sufficiently harmonised, as it was before.

Of course, someone will say, as before the statement of America Russia acted on its not very distant discretion. As a result of which was bombed, for example, humanitarian convoy and a number of other purposes. But actually, the main idea of the interaction was primarily, to avoid mistakenly collision within the camp of theoretical allies.

The situation is even more serious because, that American data, Russia delivered to Syria anti-aircraft complexes s-300. Known, that terrorists have no means of aviation. So who is going to use these missiles? Against those, whom he recently referred to the allies?

But United States, and even not fully democratic Turkey is still not Russia. Citizens of these countries, with voting right, will never understand, If their plane is shot down by the Russian military. This will inevitably be followed by response. Until the complete destruction of the Russian forces in the region in a matter of hours. Why conflict inevitably spread to southern Russia and further throughout the country.

An adequate response

We have reviewed quite possible, but the most pessimistic scenario. But actually, the world community often acts differently. There are a few preliminary steps, followed by open warfare may either follow, either no. And just this option could be considered our most immediate prospect.

As a rule, in response to the inadequate actions of the authorities of a country tough and immediate measure to start becoming a complete embargo. For Russia, this could mean an instant collapse of the economy, completely dependent on resource exports in developed countries. And at the same time, imports of food products and other goods, as the notorious "import substitution" and not held.

It just seems, What lies ahead is a special abyss. Crossing the line which we instantly Let's fall. In fact, no breakage. There is a very steep slope, on which Russia is already in full swing is rolling down on the "fifth point".

Fight for Russia — no citizen wants to and without coercion will not. The last election showed, that in spite of the mass of manipulation and falsification, In fact, only less 20% support sufficiently Putin, to reach the polling stations. As we understand, wanting to arrive in the military enlistment office will be even less.

Only, that the Kremlin was ready for a serious clash with developed countries is zagradotrâdy. Obviously, that this role will be assigned to the newly formed National Guard. But this resistance as times and end.

In this situation, the developed countries should immediately understand, that the issue of approaching catastrophe – already solved. And the sooner they take the most serious measures, the more chances you have to reduce the number of future victims. On the other hand, Obviously, is that even really think Russians themselves do nothing can. All, what they have is to say goodbye to the country. At least, with such a, We all knew it.


  1. Обычные граждане давно уже чувствую приближающийся крах экономики своими кошельками и ценами в магазинах. Как обычно обещали светлое будущее а получилось…. Будем надеяться что до самого худшего сценария не дойдёт!!!

  2. Воевать никто не хочет и на Западе, поэтому стараются удушить режим экономическими методами, как это было с Советским Союзом.

  3. Автор ссылается на абстрактных экспертов и недоказанныепреступления”. In General,, это очередной реверанс автора перед США. With, довольно примитивный.

  4. Россия готовится, Америка готовится, вот только война будет скорее всего на территории других странУкраины, Турции, Сириине гадить же у себя дома

  5. Манипуляция народом и его мнением,only, что отлично получается у Кремлевской власти. Полное отсутствие логики во всех поступках. Напоминает судороги умирающего. Подлые искажения фактов с целью запудрить мозги своему народу. Создается картинка, that Russia, которая не в состоянии обеспечить своих людей, стала всемирным спасителем. Всех спасает, и Украину, и Сирию. А российский народ кто спасет?

  6. Скорее всего Россия и дальше будет практиковать гибридные войны. Это уже стало её неотъемлемой частью геополитики.

  7. Каждый день мы наблюдаем по телевизору и из других СМИ, что ситуация в России становится все более напряженной. Economy, действительно, ужена дне”. Народ стонет, но пока терпит. Надолго ли еще хватит нашего терпения???

  8. Печаль в том, that 146% населения поддерживает внешнюю политику Кремля и искренне радуется, that “мы всем покажем”.

  9. Правительству России и правда следует пересмотреть свою политику и принять меры, так как мировое политическое напряжение и нестабильная экономическая обстановка подрывает целосность и силу государства.


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