Russia fought in Syria: and for Asada, and for the IGIL

    Россия воюет в Сирии: и за Асада, и за ИГИЛ

    In Russia for sending mercenaries are recruited in Syria — to fight for Bashar Assad. This happens quite officially: recruits are delivered in the region and the return of military transport aircraft, prizemljajushhejsja and soaring from military airfields. In return they receive all the benefits, which is based on full-time military personnel. For the "feats" in the civil war they give out government orders. And in the case of loss compensation.

    The death of the tyrant

    All this became known to the Reuters agency — as a result of the death in Syria during a combat operation no more and no less, as the Assistant of one of the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

    Michael Degtyarev, a Deputy from the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY, not even trying to hide it. He said, that perished on the way to the Syrian hospital 38 years Sergey Morozov was his friend.

    Mercenary Morozov, together with his colleague Maxim service Kolganovym were awarded medals of courage posthumously. Distinctive icons of RUSSIA handed over to the families of the victims.

    The legal side

    Formally, the mercenaries in Russia is prohibited and constitutes a criminal offence. Country, along with other signed the International Convention for the Suppression of the recruitment, using, financing and training of mercenaries, the United Nations.

    Moreover, as once in a while, When the famous two thugs killed for money in Syria, Russian authorities declared about the end of military operations in the region, and declared the withdrawal of technology and expertise.

    From open sources of information we know, that the recruitment of mercenaries in Russia engaged in so-called "private military company" Wagner ". This organization is suspected of involvement in a number of conflicts, including in the fighting on the territory of Ukraine.

    However, actually, some points obviously does not converge. Selection of fighters carried out almost through military enlistment offices, and certainly is using military databases. Payment in case of death of carry out insurance companies. And the power of hands post-mortem of the order.

    All this said, that is not called the company, which formally sends citizens of the Russian Federation on the war, Nevertheless,, It is only an intermediary. A true employer was, and remains, the State. And responsible for mercenary activities should address the, who manages the country's army is its Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin.


    The Russian side has tried its best to conceal the true extent of mercenarism. Even relatives of those killed may not get full information, where and under what circumstances the deaths of their sons and children.

    As a rule, If there is such a possibility, the body of mercenaries are delivered to the morgue in Rostov-on-Don, where identification. Often relatives are intimidated, offer not to talk to anyone that, that they became aware of the duty station killed. Most are forced to accept this, because of their silence depend on further benefits.

    The price of the life of a mercenary in Syria is, According to Reuters, about 100 th. United States dollars. If thugs survive, having been wounded, the less. But this proves to be sufficient to, Plug the mouths of relatives and friends of the deceased.

    Number of casualties is not known for certain in Syria. However, on the extent of the involvement of mercenaries from Russia in hostilities has another data region. Only in late summer-early autumn 2014 year, When was one of the most poignant moments in the war in Ukraine, the death of at least 10 th. Russians.

    These figures were derived mathematically, on the basis of mortality statistics in the country. The point is that, that no matter how obscure military enlistment offices and relatives of the fact of death, Nevertheless,, ultimately have to execute documents. These data are reflected in the summary and fall into the statistical results.

    Approximately the same numbers provided and the Ukrainian side. And the Russian military so did the, hiding the fact of its participation in the conflict.

    Who supports Russia

    The international community can do it all, anything, one way or another trying to conclude a civil war in Syria. To stop a humanitarian catastrophe in the region. Europe takes and places refugees. The world sends to Syria allied army and aviation.

    Nevertheless,, to date it is known two facts. On the one hand, It is the Russian security services deliberately vyprovazhivali in so-called terrorist IGIL its citizens, suspected extremist activity. About this wrote, for example, the same Reuters more back, finding witnesses.

    In particular, the interview gave some Saad Sharapudinov, who told, that he was one of the members of the extremist group, and like him, a proposal was made to leave the country freely. He even provided this assistance, preparing necessary documents.

    It's no secret, that Russian language is one of the main in the IGIL. Thus, no doubt the true origin of these terrorists. And the second half, Obviously, are former officers of the Iraqi Ba'ath party, lesson back in the Soviet Union and Russia and found themselves out of work, When Saddam Hussein was hanged upon conviction.

    Moreover, against a number of Russian businessmen were introduced us sanctions for financial transactions with terrorists of the Islamic State. For example, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. However, Russian law enforcement agencies, and even the media ignored this fact. In presenting information on the Russian side States everywhere, that America has made it to the list for transactions with Assad and Syria, not for oil trade from IGIL.

    On the other hand, in Russia are recruited with the participation of the same power mercenaries — in order, to fight for Assad and his totalitarian regime. Supplied weapons and ammunition.

    It turns out, that actually, with Russia are linked by both parties to the conflict. And Putin is trying to learn from the situation — benefit, provoking the migration crisis in the developed countries of Europe, preventing the supply of energy from oil-rich areas in Europe, and so on.

    The consequences of

    How you can extinguish the blaze, If you pour in it gasoline from two sides? In order for the, to stop the war in the Middle East, first, what you should do is to dispossess once and for all Putin's Russia. To impose a complete ban on approaching the zone of conflict whatever the armed forces and technology, including aviation and Navy. To organize a blockade. Continue to address the legal aspects of the problem.

    Russia signed the Convention, which has committed itself to the prevention of the recruitment of mercenaries, as well as prosecution of those, who implicated. As we can see, the current Russian Government not only does not prevent the Commission of an international crime, but participates in it.

    Remains only two questions about this: what Russia is doing in the current situation in the United Nations, If it does not comply with, does not comply with and has no plans to comply with in the future, international laws and treaties? And why so far, Once there the historical misunderstanding, Russia still remains in the UN Security Council?

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    1. There are things to think about. Mercenaries recruited on the territories on the Russian soldier in Ukraine and in Syria. Sadly some kill brothers, others die for someone else's interests.


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