Saddam Hussein

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Саддам Хусейн, казнь Саддама

Saddam Hussein is a dictator of Iraq, ruling the country for twenty years. During this period, he managed to start three wars, the use of chemical weapons against Kurds, execute, including yourself, thousands of real and imaginary enemies.

Biography Of Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein was born into a poor family in 1937 year in Tikrit. Despite the myths created about how to, that his family happens almost from the Prophet, in fact, there is another version that, that he was illegally born. In 10 years it took to nurturing Uncle, that helped Saddam get not only schooling, but also encouraged him to political activities. At that time,, to fight against the British colonial rule.

In 1954 year Saddam Hussein joined the Baath party, at that time prohibited and actually dealing with political terror. The Organization was made up of a certain combination of socialist ideology with the ideas of nationalism.

In 1959 year young Saddam took direct part in the assassination attempt on the life of Abdel Karim Kassem Iraqi dictator. Attempt failed. Hussein set off running through Syria in Egypt. At home he was sentenced to death in absentia.

Saddam Hussein, the coming to power of the

However, the regime has been deposed, and the future President of Iraq returned home as a national hero. After the revolution 1968 the year Saddam Hussein became a member of the revolutionary command.

At the same time, in 1969 year, He received a law degree at the Baghdad University “Muntasiriâ”. But no right to become, and entered the Military Academy in Baghdad and studied there with 1971 before 1978 year.

Already in this period, Saddam Hussein became known as tyrant, pursuing deportation 300 th. the Kurds and the destruction of their villages.

In 1979 He became President and Supreme Commander, Chairman of the Revolution Command Council. First, that Saddam Hussein made in these posts is made with their former comrades and their families.

War Saddam Hussein

And in 1980 year a new dictator began a long war with Iran, that lasted until the Armistice 1988 year and claimed, According to different estimations, before 1 million human lives. Noteworthy, that the cessation of hostilities has been filed to the people as a great victory, and this day declared a national holiday. While Iraq's foreign debt reached during the war 80 billion dollars.

As is often the case, dictatorship cannot exist without war, Therefore, just three years later, Saddam Hussein had initiated a new conflict, entering the territory of the sovereign State of Kuwait.

This happened in August 1990 year. And this war can rightly be called the beginning of the end for the Iraqi dictator. The reaction of the world community did not have long to wait. Case against Saddam Hussein was assembled coalition headed by the United States.

Dictator flatly refused to leave the captured territory, considering another Kuwait, 19 on account of Iraq province. As a result, was held a brilliant operation Desert Storm. War Saddam Hussein lost, but this time his reign was not overthrown.

At the next election the dictator still remained the only candidate for the post of President and 99,96% votes. As a result, Saddam Hussein received another seven-year term of the Board. And the ideology of his party in this period was entirely based on opposing American intervention by the people of Iraq.

In 2003 year, the United States and other Western countries have accused Saddam Hussein to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Subsequently,, After the war, This information was contradicted by, but nevertheless,, as a result of the military operation began, the dictator was deposed.

It is worth noting, that vaunted troops of Saddam Hussein, armed with the same Russian military equipment, had a weak resistance coming enemy forces. Actually, no — the whole country was invaded in the shortest time. Pockets of clashes were observed only with the guard of Saddam Hussein. But their actions could be considered rather doomed

Perhaps, beginning of the second world war with Iraq could be considered inappropriate, but it is only, If you do not take into account those facts, which as a result have begun against Saddam Hussein's trial in Iraq.

The trial of Saddam Hussein and the verdict

Saddam Hussein was detained by the Coalition army in December 2003 year. And in June 2004 He and his closest associates-associates were handed over to Iraqi justice.

Among the proven charges included. The destruction of the Barzani tribe, not less than 5 th. people in 1983 year. The use of chemical weapons against residents in Halabadži 1988 year. Destruction of civilians, their villages. The massacre of people of other faiths — Shi'a. The murder of the real and imaginary oppositionists, and so on. As well as the initiation of two bloody wars, Iran and Kuwait.

In 2006 year, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging. In December of the same year the sentence was executed.


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