Europe is preparing sanctions against Turkey

Европа готовит санкции против Турции

The European Parliament finally drew attention to Turkey, in which human rights are violated. Mass arrests of oppositionists and journalists, Perhaps, sanctions were imposed against Turkey. And in the case of the return of the death penalty, a country can say goodbye to the idea of membership in the European Union.

Conspiracy against Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had lost his post this summer. You can say, that at some point in his reign, hung by a thread. In the period from 16 on 17 July 2016 the year part of the Turkish military, organized a conspiracy to overthrow the head of State.

Only narrowly managed to escape from his Erdogan hotels in Marmaris before, as he was arrested or nailed. As a result, he managed to return to the capital and quell the revolt. The conspiracy was accused opposition led by political emigrant Fethullahom Gelenom, currently in the United States.

Crackdown after coup

Repression after the rebellion followed immediately. And they did not stop at immediate military riot participants, a greatly expanded. Among those arrested were opposition party leaders, including the most popular ones are the Democratic Party of the peoples of Turkey.

Moreover, In addition to politicians, repressed and journalists. So, in custody were at least nine staff members of the newspaper Cumhuriyet, including its Chief Editor Murat Sabuncu.

Total was closed on the pretext of an extremely situation three informagetstva, more 40 the body of the- and radio channels, about 60 newspapers and magazines.

For other violence is more gentle nature. Authorities confined themselves to the dismissal of one and a half dozens of thousands of teachers and school leaders, almost 10 thousands of employees of the Ministry of the Interior, and so on.

The Reaction Of Europe: sanctions against Turkey

Martin Schulz, the representative of the European Parliament, commented events:

"I can't imagine, that after a wave of arrests of journalists and opposition deputies, we will expand the Customs Union "

Particularly the representatives of the European Union insisted, that the death penalty should under no circumstances be applied. Until, the EU generally cease all dialogue with Turkey, If this happens.

In the meantime, Europe is debating among themselves about how to, What sanctions might apply against the Turkish leader for, to get him back in the legal field.

But actually, will make it extremely difficult — because of serious problems in Syria, the situation in which with two sides fire Russia, and anyway Turkey is becoming one of the parties to the conflict.

Turkey before choosing

As a result of what is happening, can happen, that just in these days of Turkey and its leader Recep Erdogan faced major for yourself, You can say, historic choice. On the one hand, isolation and friendship awaits them exclusively with underdeveloped not democracies. Such, as Putin's Russia and other. They, Of course, ready to unleash their embrace for the new totalitarian regime.

And even more will compete with Turkey in the future those measures, that would apply to the dissenting. At least, sentences of bloggers in Russia already estimated hundreds, but charges authors of posts in social networks put on stream.

On the other hand, still not too late to make the right decision. And then the path to civilization and Europe proves to be still open. But time will tell, What choice will end up with a Turkey.


  1. Турецкий лидер пытается совместить несовместимоеосманский ура-патриотизм и европейские ценности. Шансов на успех маловато.

  2. После такого вряд ли захочешь ехать отдыхать в эту прекрасную страну. Жутко становится от таких новостей.

  3. он же должен понимать, что при репрессионном режиме дорога на международную арену будет закрыта. I hope so, все образуется

  4. Какой смысл Эрдогану санкций бояться, если их в Европу уже несколько десятков лет принять не могут. Пусть вводят, ему от этого ни холодно ни жарко.


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