Death of a terrorist, Motorola

Another culprit and witness went to the hereafter

Смерть террориста Моторолы

Not on the CAP-Ivashka write so much about terrorist, Unable to link two words. It is absolutely not clear, why write about his death today, almost all publications, including such media giants, as the BBC. And this if not to talk about the top news in Yandex, heap in Russian media publications. He clearly didn't deserve.

His death is rather a pattern, than something outstanding. It is so complete their days most terrorists. You can only regret, that he did not live to see a fair trial and retribution. But in reality,, his death raises many questions.

The fate of the terrorist

Arsen Pavlov was born in the Republic of Komi 1983 year. If you look at the map, It is almost two thousand kilometers from Ukraine. Pavlov talked about self, that he, supposedly, has received the diploma of salvor. And worked as a Mason — has done gravestones.

According to other sources, bleary-eyed Arsen labored avtomojŝikom. But in any case, These two specialty fine it is characterized by. For such work often come from people limited, If not to say, petty.

In addition, known, that while serving in the army, Pavlova happened to war in Chechnya. So the battle experience he already had.

The Death Of Motorola, Motorola avtomojŝik, Photo
Motorola – “auto mechanic”

A turning point for Arsène Pavlova became 2014 year, When it popersâ it to the territory of a neighbouring sovereign State — to build the so-called Russian peace. Most likely, listening to Russian television propaganda ozvereloj. For at least two years with tv screens a wide stream poured anger and hatred.

Ukraine Arsen was, from the point of view of the Russian side, volunteer. Or a mercenary from the standpoint of international law.

Motorola – terrorist

In a matter of months to Arsène Pavlova came to dubious fame. He first fought with the first zaslannymi from Russia undesirable persons like Girkin. Led squad Sparta under Slavic. His dog moniker, that is, the call sign, He used when communicating by walkie-talkie, «Motorola». Underneath it and became known throughout Ukraine and Russia.

Life success

It would seem, Here it is the terrorist's fate is out of nowhere and no one came to expand its unbalanced expanses of the homeland. Became of field commander avtomojŝika. Earned "authority" among his associates — mainly, These same degenerates, as he himself.

Most Arsen Pavlov was a well-known character in Russian literature Sharikova from Mikhail Bulgakov's heart of a dog. Only, What distinguishes folk hero from the prototype is a goatee. And with a facial expression was a complete order-such Balls and presented to readers.

Terrorist Motorola when “orders”

Instead of balalaikas, Arsen brenčali on the chest of the order, that the self-proclaimed and unrecognized recognized "people's Republic" generously rewards its "Heroes". Than not notorious Ivanushka-durachok, which all able, without special work? After all, killing people is not to learn, and so much more, not fair work, true?

Wedding in malinovka, Motorola married
Wedding in malinovka

Same here, in the Donetsk oblast (province) of Ukraine Arsen Pavlov found and their fate. Married a local devahe for ten years younger than him and a cut above. With oblique, zapletennoj ribbons. Great happiness.

The exploits of "hero"

But fame is not brought Arsène wedding in malinovka, and the killing of prisoners of war. Motorola did not hesitate to tell in interview, that shot himself 15 Ukrainians, defending their homeland.

Found and witnesses. So, visited captivity 80 fighter Brigade of Ukrainian AIRBORNE TROOPS Yuri Owl told, I saw with my own eyes personally shot from his pistol soldier Igor Branovickogo.

It is worth noting, not every avtomojŝik for their lives can boast such attention. For example, Arsen Pavlov got in the United States State Department sanctions list is on par with the surroundings of Vladimir Putin.

However, behind this, Of course, no affinity to dictators and not even any special merit, but the brutality and cruelty, passing the border war crimes. Most likely, When it's over, Arsen Pavlova waited for the Court and the sentence. To which he never lived.


According to available information, Motorolu death overtook in the elevator. Someone mined the cabin. An explosion occurred, and Motorola got injured, incompatible with life. On the territory of the, local fighters controlled, "plan was introduced-interception», followed by other "anti-terrorist measures".

Photo from the place of death of Motorola
Elevator, which found their end of Motorola

Social network exploded in applause and jeers over the fate of scumbags, suspect in war crimes. Special laughter caused a message that, that terrorists are carrying out the anti-terrorist operation.

However, actually, the version that, that Motorolu eliminated Ukrainian army or security services at all does not look convincing. Immediately after the Elimination of terrorist, in the network appeared several possible explanations of what happened.

Firstly, In addition to some special forces, Arsen Pavlov could kill his accomplices. It is widely known, What manners are rampant on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine. So, for example, There is already a precedent, When potential killers of another international terrorist and warlord, Cerebral, listed as his companions, something is not with him who.

Secondly, Motorola has never been nor smart, No visionary. And even in his own party members not all went smoothly. So, the number of squad Sparta, created in 2014 year, to date has remained no more than ten percent. From the rest of Pavlov one way or another got rid. It is quite possible, his death wish many among them.

Thirdly, It could kill their leaders the same so-called DNI. Attention to him by Russian curators waned. Support is reduced. Fighting, at least, Open promotion on the territory of Ukraine, terminated in accordance with the peace agreements. (A) the death of "folk hero" can be used as an excuse for further escalation of the conflict, or even for the continuation of the war. What now and local leaders claim terrorists.

In the fourth, has the right to life version, that in Lugansk and Donetsk regions currently going systematic elimination of witnesses, their curators — of the Russian Federation.

And that's just in time for this option would be worth to stay more. The point is that, that by itself does not represent a special value of Motorola. Ordinary fool very low intellectual level, who came from Russia to fight for a non-existent ideas.

However, in the context of, When the undeclared war in Ukraine was actually lost, and all the attention of the public and the MEDIA are already drawn to another war — in Syria,- support for terrorists in Ukraine is reduced and can be finished in General. It is not expensive and already dyrâvomu budget Russia.

Motorola – witness

In such a situation, late or early, but the Donetsk and Luhansk oblast of Ukraine in one way or another will soon be freed from terrorists. And such silly figures, as Motorola, Brain and others — can become dangerous later witnessed committed international crimes.

Of course, It could be said, that another terrorist is liquidated., got short shrift. But it is only at first glance. In fact, Of course, Motorola would fall into the hands of the security service of Ukraine and the answer there's a lot of questions, to it necessarily would have been. And then go to jail upon conviction. Here it would be the correct output.

Thus, Unfortunately, the death of scumbags Motorola is another step towards, to the true organizers of what is happening in Ukraine — have postponed the day of reckoning.


  1. Sorry Motorollu, his invaluable – life, and that right there is none. I sincerely do not understand people, who believe, that his death will change anything, It was just a urinary incontinence, puppeteers are invisible…

  2. “Little man” knew a lot of excess. Not for his golovushki such knowledge. A little harder and people deprived of life by mnogoznanija!


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