The usurpation of power is outlawed

Присвоение власти, тоталитарный режим, узурпация власти

International law must be reviewed. As it is impossible in the modern world to own man, engaging in the slave trade, send people into sexual slavery, carry drugs between countries, Similarly, for all time and forever should be prohibited-the right to appropriate power, headed by a country more, say, eight years, to establish totalitarian regimes.

I would like to believe, that such actions as soon as possible the civilized world will call an international crime, the judgment for which should be long prison term.

I'll try to argue its position. And prove, that such action is long overdue. And also explain, why the fake one and the same person is not an internal affair of a country, whatever it was.

The path of the dictator

As a rule, totalitarian leaders come to power on a wave of cheap populism. Promises to revive or lift with the knees nation. Feed and protect its people. Restore historical justice.

Demagogy may be, within certain limits, different. And even means of seizing political Olympus in a given country may vary. Or relatively fair vote, as in the thirties with Hitler in Germany. Or manipulation on the first election, as with Putin in Russia. Either on the wave of liberation movement or revolution. It's not important.

The most important thing, every future tyrants at the outset may well enjoy the confidence of its people. In his first term. And then, the people no longer asking.

Of course, each country is free to choose any of the President by free open for citizens to vote. The problem is that, that totalitarian regimes — seize power wave promises. In normal society, in developed countries through four, a maximum of eight years — have leaders accountable for complete. And as a rule, by this time, the hype stops working, voters judge a candidate by his former real business. And change to the new — good or bad.

In countries with underdeveloped democracy that, Unfortunately, not happening. The totalitarian regime is doing everything, to maintain their position. For this purpose it is necessary to use two main tools: internal repression or external aggression. Or, and both.

The lessons of history

Virtually all totalitarian leaders begin their path in power — with those or other transformations and reforms. Starting from Adolf Hitler, that came in the wake of the global financial crisis and depression, offered his people a way out of the crisis, eliminated unemployment, true, in debt, through the development of military industry.

Similarly, when their country was headed by Saddam Hussein, the first thing he redistributes oil revenue, sending them to the construction, business support, development of education, and so on.

Similarly, at the beginning of his journey he enrolled and Muammar al-Gaddafi, eliminating total illiteracy, rising social level of Libya. Struggling with the vestiges of the old, "Imperial" regime.

Vladimir Putin in Russia largely repeated path subsequently became international criminals of totalitarian leaders. By hook or crook came to power, He first of all attacked the old oligarchic system, the main feature of which was the merging of State power with private business. Interesting, that and it helped at first favorably emerging oil and gas market.

A dead-end road of development

As a rule, totalitarian regime keeps its country on cul-de-sac. But it's another question, that Western freedom and democracy, the free market — no other effective options today simply does not exist. After all, wants people for the sake of something mark time — his case. The problem is that, that suffered a debacle in the governance of the country, each of these leaders resigned its regular voting.

Vice versa, and Adolf Hitler, and Saddam Husej, and Muammar al-Gaddafi, and Vladimir Putin — each of them did everything, to eliminate political competition. In different ways — by Frank repression or more gently, holds under the media and restricting freedom. But with the same result.

Four years later, when each of these modes of free elections has in fact not been. And after eight years of any likeness even democracy is not necessary to speak at all.

Search for enemies

Next, to justify their illegal stay in power, Every totalitarian regime begins mandatory invent enemies. Which, supposedly, prevent them from achieving their goals and fulfil the promises made to the people.

Adolf Hitler declared enemies of Jews and people of other nationalities, which, as it seemed to him, hamper the development of Germany. When it did not help, had to start World War II. And if he did not, his regime would bankrupt.

It all started in Iraq with internal cleansing in the Baath party, fight against any dissent, and then led to the outbreak of war with Iran, and still later in the occupation of Kuwait under the pretext of restoring historical justice, as if this territory and should belong to the aggressor.

In Libya, all failures were to blame for the so-called imperialists, under which, as usual, refers to the most developed countries. In addition to the massacre of opponents to the move went and international terrorism.

In Russia to 2013 year, It seemed, Vladimir Putin's fate was already sealed. In his bald nape breathed repetition of Ukrainian events, Russian Evromajdan. In order for the, people came out on the square, not enough, It seemed, just another drop in oil prices. But political support rating yourself hubris national leader barely exceeded 30%, even though any annotations. It is a historical fact. Whew, most likely, the idea is to occupy the Crimea and cast a card of hatred toward the neighboring independent State of Ukraine.

A similar scenario is unfolding in all of today's and yesterday's totalitarian regimes: in 20 century, When Europe was sick ideas of fascism, in 21 century on virtually the entire territory of the former USSR, in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus and so on. In fact, everywhere, except for followers to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The autopsy will show

Unfortunately, totalitarian regimes are not harmless. Really the whole truth we learn only if, When a system crashing. And then it turns out, that Saddam Hussein did not hesitate to apply chemical weapons against Kurds. Number of executions Muammar Gaddafi still defies calculations. About the victims of Nazism and Nazi Germany generally say no, millions, the most terrible page of history of mankind. Today in prisons are waiting for the decision of their fate of prisoners of Bashar Al-Assad.

Has always been the same. Suffice it to recall the totalitarian regimes of Stalin in Russia, Mao Zedong in China, Pol Pot in Cambodia. As well as Mussolini in Italy, Pinochet in Chile, and so on ad infinitum. If their victims stood up out of graves and joined hands — how many times the circuit rounded would land?..

Today is not particularly lagged behind their peers on the usurpation of power and Vladimir Putin: two wars in Chechnya, to the almost complete destruction of the people of all the forces of the Russian army and police state. The war with Georgia. Aggression in Ukraine, as a result of which, According to some estimates, only Russians the death of at least 10 th. man. And at least as many Ukrainians, forced to defend their homeland.

How many are actually victims of the Putin regime had? How many people were killed as a result of hostilities, the number of citizens subjected to domestic prosecution is not known, This figure no one call will not be able to. We know only the loudest history — the shooting of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov opposite the Kremlin, about murders of journalists… About planted in camps for protests or simply for posting unflattering posts in social networks.

But most likely, This is only the tip of the iceberg. And only then we will know the truth, When late or early collapse. The autopsy will show.

Totalitarianism – It's a crime

It is important to understand, that all of these victims could and should have been avoided. Only one the most obvious way is by installing an international norm, prohibiting usurpation of power, waiver of fair elections, that is the highest post in the country for a period of eight years, higher than the norm. Already, this should be considered nothing more than a, as a crime! For which the perpetrator is inevitably must wait for criminal prosecution.

This is not an internal affair of a country. Kill people, maim their fate is not a political system, and most are international crime. Order more, that virtually any totalitarian regime of late or early violates state borders and poses a direct threat to its neighbors or the entire region.

World law made in the last two centuries, several important steps in the direction of humanity, for the sake of human protection, his rights and dignity. Universally prohibited slavery and the slave trade. Genocide, persecution on racial and national characteristics. And so on.

But totalitarians put at least less harm to humanity, disgrace our civilization. Denial of choices is virtually the same, that slavery. And internal repression, massacres of dissidents is not much different from Nazi persecution for belonging to a particular nation. As well as the unleashing of war, to which one way or another come to such regimes.

That is why international law must, once and for all, to outlaw the appropriation of power by those or other persons in any country on the planet. And as soon as it happens, the world community is simply obliged to react and act on pre-emption.

You can bring a whole series of arguments, but to say the main: This could save the lives of tens of thousands of people. Just enough — to stop dictators in time.

Measures the impact

Ideally, as soon as someone ceases to be elected in a fair way or left, say for certainty, for the third time, Never mind, contract or through a shill-puppet, so immediately after such a leader should leave international police outfit, If you want to, with military support.

Unfortunately, It's not always doable. But that's exactly what you can do, so this is to show zero tolerance towards such a situation. Impose sanctions, until the embargo. The arrest of assets, wherever they are.

And in General, to take the necessary measures to ensure, to the dictator late or early was there, where is the place: the International Tribunal. Because crime has in fact already done. It makes no sense to wait for deaths and torment innocent people.

It's like in the case of robbery: the police should not sit and watch, When bandits, broke into the building with arms, kill someone. Their direct duty rigorously and act decisively at once!

And still, just before his people a serious image create dictators leader. In fact they are all weak and cowardly, all my life trying to deal with their children's complexes at the expense of their country and fellow citizens. So let each person would fear is the inevitable reckoning in the future for a crime, which he commits, even just illegally, in terms of international norms, staying in power.

In doubt, that such harsh measures are needed? And what about the tens of thousands tortured and killed?


  1. Алексей, вот это предложение, о нетерпимости международного сообщества к диктаторам, необходимо как-то оформить и от лица какой либо демократической партии, say “Яблокаи передать в Совет Безопасности ООН и её Председателя. ООН должна играть более существенную роль в деле развития демократии во всех странах мира и обладать силой по принуждению сохранения базовых принципов демократии в государствах где эти принципы нарушаются. Базовые принципы демократии должны быть закреплены в каждом основном законе государства члена ООН известного как Конституция. Государства не члены ООН должны будут подвергнуты мониторингу конституции и законов этих государств, которые касаются соблюдения прав и свобод живущих там граждан. В случае нарушения этих прав ООН должна вводить санкции в отношении первых лиц этих государств, вплоть до их ареста и предания суду. Но мне что-то не верится в реформу ООН по одной простой причине. США диктует этой организации свои условия, а им не с руки убирать Путина потому, что он работает на их интересы и пока он не развалит РФ США будут всячески препятствовать намерениям ООН обуздать нового фюрера. Думаю США просто необходима война в Европе, чтобы после её окончания поправить свой дебит с кредитом путёмпомощи друзьямпо блоку в восстановлении их экономик и инфраструктуры.


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