Vladimir Putin

Владимир Путин диктатор

Biography of the current dictator always remains a mystery. Around such personalities, as Vladimir Putin, creates a mass of speculation and outright myths. And it was actually, the real truth is known then, After.

In order for the, to present as objectively as possible, We have tried to collect reliable facts. At the same time, then, that it is not yet possible to determine, noted as issues for future historians.

So, Vladimir Putin was born in 1952 year in Leningrad. In the family of a simple working, veteran. In turn, grandfather Putin credited the work of Chef almost Lenin with Stalin and other party leaders of the Soviet totalitarian regime. Thus, It's hard to say, What was the true origin of the future "leader of the nation" – from proletarians or from holuev.

His childhood and adolescence Putin in a communal apartment in Leningrad. He graduated from the school for eight years and in senior classes moved to specialized, with in-depth study of chemistry. This chemistry, not financial offshore.

With the childhood took a great interest in sports. Practiced Judo section, participants in the future become all billionaires and masters of Putin's Russia.

On leaving school he entered the Leningrad State University, the international branch of the Faculty of law. Agreed to cooperate with the KGB, and after the distribution was in this organization.

Putin in KGB

It is believed that with the 1977 the year Putin worked in Counterintelligence, but it should be noted, that all former persecutors of dissent in the Soviet Union subsequently claim, that fought with foreign spies, rather than with their compatriots.

About two years into his biography, with 1975 on 1977 year, Many analysts believe lost and hidden. However, this hardly is the mystery. The Faculty of law is usually not enough to work in the organs, and future officers receive additional training in specialized educational establishments barracks type.

It was during this period that has developed a strange friendship between Vladimir Putin and Russian cellist Sergey Rolduginym. In memory of musician, in those years while serving in the army, he escaped in the AWOL and ridden a car Zaporozhets with future President.

Why Roldugin went AWOL in for meetings with Putin, rather than, say, with any girl, like other soldiers of the Soviet army, remains a mystery. Nevertheless,, This friendship lasted years: on the one hand, Vladimir Putin first married only 30 with years of, immediately before a business trip abroad. With another, these warm relationship cost Russia, as it subsequently emerged from the Panama offshore case, at least in 2 billion dollars.

All this time Vladimir Putin remained a KGB in Leningrad. And in the higher school of KGB Putin got only 1984 year. And that's when he got into an external exploration. Accordingly,, in the course of 9 years future President engaged in, most likely, persecution of dissidents.

Then, within five years, Putin was traveling in the GDR, in Dresden, where under the guise of the USSR-GDR Friendship House was engaged in intelligence activities.

It is worth noting, at that time the German Democratic Republic and its one of the most notorious secret services in the world of the Stasi was actually an ally country of Councils. Therefore the fact, that Putin sent there, says is not about that, that the leadership considered it ideal Scout, but rather either on the link, either set of experiences. Really qualified specialists are always sent in the capitalist, how, then, was considered, country.

At the end of the trip occurs most mysterious fracture throughout Putin's biography. Instead of, to take place in the Central Office and leave after a few years in the next country with increasing, the future President suddenly somehow returned to Leningrad to engage in internal affairs.

As a rule, such a move can be associated with only one: the serious "puncture" in, or even more. In order for the, to a young Scout came so, It is necessary to make something for example completely discrediting the. In terms of career, this significant decrease, deprivation of any perspectives. De facto, "the order from the foreign intelligence" Sutulova.

Nevertheless,, with 1990 the year Putin turned out to be an employee of the Leningrad State University, Assistant Rector Anatoly Sobchak. But after the election the last Mayor of the city in 1991 year, goes to him as Deputy for foreign economic relations.

Piterskie bandits

In the next few years, Perhaps, decided the fate of Putin himself, and the country as a whole. There is reason to believe, that while working at City Hall in St. Petersburg Vladimir Putin proved to be closely linked with criminal groups of the city. His signature turned out to be placed under a number of questionable contracts, resulting in Saint Petersburg, starving in the hardest first reformatory years lost large amounts of money and food. About this, in particular, show materials Marina Salier, which at the time was head of the Commission of the St. Petersburg City Council of people's deputies.

It is quite possible, that further promotion of Vladimir Putin was associated with an attempt to avoid criminal proceedings, that he succeeded after moving to Moscow, and so much more, After receiving the presidential immunity.

In 1996 year Vladimir Putin became one of the co-founders of the country cooperative "Ozero", that section is followed by judo and LSU was another talent of Russian billionaires.

On the good deeds of Putin in St. Petersburg can be considered complete. In the same year he moved to Moscow to work in the administration of the President of the.

In 1997 year, Putin defended his thesis. Subsequently, the independent experts identified, that at least 16 from its 20 the first pages are either totally written off, or rewritten on their way out of the strategic planning and policy, American professors William King and David Klilanda, published on 11 years before, in 1978 year in the United States.

And in 1998 year Vladimir Putin headed the FSB. It is worth noting, that the KGB was divided into several constituents back in 1991 year, and then, that the future President after moving to Moscow turns associated with FSB, rather than the SVR, that sent his once in Germany, Once again confirms the, that of "external" bodies it still once asked.

Dubious rise to power

On 1999 year of Putin's rating ranged from force 2%. Why aging and rapidly from the surviving mad Yeltsin chose the role of successor to his, and voluntarily whether or not he did it, will remain a mystery until better times.

The basis of the popularity of Vladimir Putin went to him a number of sharp statements, associated with terrorist attacks in several cities of Russia. According to the official version, explosions of houses 1999 year were committed by Chechen terrorists. Currently, however, there are other versions of events. Chechnya beginning of terrorist warfare was actually a suicide. As for Vladimir Putin — the reason to start regional bloody, but winning the war.

One way or another, but 31 President Boris Yeltsin announced his resignation and that the, He would like to see in the person of Vladimir Putin, his successor as head of State. And obedient people, tired of totally old by this point, the leader of the revolution 1991 year, obediently voted for new appointees.

From the President to the dictators

Vladimir Putin's reign coincided with increasing energy quotations in international markets. For many years his defeat and Frank budget revenues growth obscured failures. Due to this increased income, and Putin's influence grew.

Formally under the Constitution in 2008 year for second presidential term expired. However, for the period from 2008 on 2012 year they were cast to power one of the acquaintances on their studies at Leningrad State University in Dmitri Medvedev.

Most analysts believed and believe Medvedev figure par, hardly a puppet, It is therefore not surprising, that in 2012 year on the role of the new President, it was agreed to nominate Vladimir Putin again.

While the Constitutional Court, Obviously, by order of the authorities, decided to, that two presidential term» – the maximum allowed for the Basic Law of the country, considered only in a row. And with a break of four years can be elected again.

In addition, the Constitution was amended, According to which the President became elected for 7 years, rather than four, as above. Otherwise, the Board would end with Putin in March 2016 year.

Repeated Putin's return, Which one, by and large, nowhere and never left, caused mass protest in Moscow. However, for several months by outspoken provocations protest moods were suppressed in the country. But many opposition figures were behind bars, as participants disbanded rally 6 may 2012 year, or killed, as one of the opposition leaders Boris Nemtsov, in 2015 year.

However, in reality the situation in the country is seriously changed. Already in 2013 growth of the country's economy has bottomed out. And in 2014 year oil quotations went down.

As one of the attempts to save power, Vladimir Putin and his entourage used in 2014 the joining of Crimea», as well as the outbreak of war in Ukraine. It is worth noting, What is this though has had some effect on "patriotic" customized part of the population and even significantly raised the rating «leader», Nevertheless,, most likely, This will be a temporary effect.

Further history write people. To date,, changing the Constitution to fit your needs, Vladimir Putin is still in power in Russia.


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