Ûnarmiâ on prototype Hj

Юнармия и Гитлерюгенд

In Russia, first in Yaroslavl 104 secondary school students sworn allegiance to the fatherland — under the auspices of the Ministry of defence. Thus, the Russian army starts to cook for themselves new recruits — from school. Following the example of Nazi Germany. The new name of – Ûnarmiâ. Although social networks it has been dubbed Putinûgendom.

Ûnarmiâ: dedication

For pomposity, the ceremony was invited to the first woman astronaut, that long ago served as an ideological symbol of first Soviet, and now the Russian Government — Valentina Tereshkova. To date, the old woman is Deputy of the State Duma from the party of power, United Russia.

Perhaps, event date, 22 may, chosen to create Ûnarmii no coincidence. It is from this date, true, a month earlier, 22 April, other activities often youth paramilitary organization-Hj. They were usually confined to the anniversary of the Fuhrer of Germany.

In order for the, from the outset to provide youth the most strong impression, each of them was invited to take the oath, text which, as it happens in these cases, It is a mixture of demagoguery and political indoctrination of fidelity.

"I swear to seek victories in studies and sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, prepare yourself to serve and build for the benefit of the fatherland, honoring heroes, fought for the freedom and independence of our motherland, be a patriot and a worthy citizen of Russia "

It goes without saying, about Tom, that grandfathers of these young people in the last days of the war fought in including and with exactly the same boys and girls, desperate defending prostrate allies Reich, inglorious and useless otdavavšimi their lives for Hitler, at a solemn rally not a word was said.

However, children are not talked about that, that the true patriots of Russia today is just doing everything possible and impossible, that country is not falling into the abyss of darkness, totalitarianism and corruption, Putin and other representatives of the Kremlin is not their Birthplace. And exercise and lead a healthy life can and should be —, to improve the quality of your life. But do not give the same life for provorovavšuûsâ power.

Ûnarmiâ: How is Putinûgend

On the idea of power, first hundred is the only start program. The founding Congress is scheduled to take place in the military-patriotic camp "Patriot" 28 may 2016 year. And with 1 September movement should become the. That is, it will begin to involve all pupils in a row.

Ûnarmiâ and Hitler Youth - the similarity is obvious
Ûnarmiâ and Hitler Youth – the similarity is obvious

From the outset, the Ûnarmiâ began work on creating their rituals. Many suspiciously reminiscent of Soviet traditions. So, for example, in the same room was opened ûnarmejcev of Yaroslavl, in the image and likeness of Lenin's corners. Here children will impose notions of patriotic education, store banner squad, his book and other Red-Brown attributes.

In addition to political brainwashing, children have also the purely military training. That will be built for the fledgling young brains — as funny games. The organisers have already builds big plans on holding even competitions of the all-Russian scale. Military tactical games taken hold not anyone, and the Ministry of defence.

It is thus in the 30-ies of the National Socialists in Germany trained youth to Germany, to die "for the motherland", expanding the boundaries of the Third Reich. History repeats itself.

And even form Ûnarmii suspicious resemblance to Hitler Youth clothing, What immediately wrote many users of social networks. And really, It consists of sets of beige, that is in fact, light brown jackets, sweaters, pants and military boots of the same color. But there is also a feature of: under all these shirts and berets-Ûnarmii will be red.

There is no doubt, that precisely this form is selected Ûnarmii, and it's not fiction. "Ûnarmiâ" sets already go on sale at voentorgah, and they can be ordered online.

In general, rightly be pointed out, that the Government wants to put Russian children in red-brown tones.

Ûnarmiâ and Putin

Known, that Vladimir Putin personally supported the establishment of Yun army. Now, officials and the military must establish a uniform system of military-patriotic education of youth, uniting disparate clubs, that existed previously and.

Earlier such gatherings under the pretext of military-patriotic education, overtly nationalistic bias. It is neo-most often harvested by youth in some training camps. Apparently, now they will also act, as before, but only together with the State.

There is no doubt, the current Government creates such a merger, as Ûnarmiâ, only with one purpose: preparation for future war. And it is not surprising. Any totalitarian fascist regime — there is no effective. In any case, waiting for complete collapse. And the only way to not lose power as long as possible at some stage most often becomes the external aggression. To do this, and it took Putin Ûnarmiâ.


  1. Alas, us, “Member” citizens remains the only State fact:”There are Junarmija”. We can only assume, Why is it someone needs. Can the State wanted to control “thirst for war” radicals(Watch, in order to not have), Maybe junarmija needed for totalitarian goals. To combat this is unlikely: the criticism will only strengthen confidence “Patriots” in that, that opposition is NATO(enemies, and t. d.). If anyone find a way out of all this, most likely he had one nothing happens. In general, figuratively speaking, If a tornado, then jump off the cliff is still not worth it.

  2. MDA, Russia is so potently defeated Nazi Germany, that already imbued with the utmost respect to its methods and values. Hike, Putin thinks about Hitler: “If something bad, but effectively, It means it's not bad”.

  3. Here are recently, By the way, Read about Nazi Germany and the Third Reich. Importance there was propaganda. Wilt u in our country are trying to do the same? Just the horror of some… Need to protect children from the washing of brains with school. Parents Info


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