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А все остальное — выдумки, to not develop normal way

Западный выбор. Интвервью с Константином Бровым

Opposition in Russia is not in the best of times — because of provocations from the top and bottom split. Under the guise of democracy to elections go party, that have little to do with this concept. Liberalism has become almost a dirty word. And freedom is a pipe dream.

In these difficult circumstances, we managed to chat with one of the leaders of this opposition, the, that under no circumstances should pass through the fundamental principles of civilized society. Our questions are answered by politician and businessman, writer and publicist Konstantin N. Borovoi, one of the founders of the Western party choice».

Konstantin N., than "Western choice is fundamentally different from those parties, in Russia today are considered to be democratic?

We Novodvorskoj decided to create a game "Western choice», When realized, that in Russia there is no longer any democratic party. Even The "Parnassus", that we helped create, gradually began abandoning democratic principles. Cooperation with the nationalists, with the Communists, with the left-wing extremists. Boris Nemtsov seemed, that it can give to broaden the base of support for opposition, but it was the renunciation of, that was very dangerous. The principles of the Democratic Party being destroyed here this kind of compromises.

Examples of the many. Attempts to interact with Sergey Udal′covym, who collaborated with Zyuganov. I remember statements of Nemtsov on how, What we try to establish a single economic program. But this is abandoning liberal principles. The same Sergei Udaltsov said, What if the bourgeois does not renounce private property, they should just shoot. This is a very dangerous path. But even more dangerous is the way compromises with the Kremlin. For example, participation in elections. This refusal to fight.

We don't fight with Parnasom, It is very important to us. We are not opposed to other democratic parties. Yes, always talk about differences, but this is not a fight, Of course. Although, Unfortunately, the fact remains that: in Russia there is no longer any truly democratic political party.

And what is the situation as a whole is folded into the protest movement? Why is there no unity in opposition?

This was a consequence of the Kremlin's activities, special services. Very professional destruction. We warned about this.

The last time we held a antiputinskij rally without the Communists and nationalists in 2011 year. And then the nationalists — DPNI is simply a Kremlin nationalists, that began to destroy the opposition.

We talked about this. We meet, that you want to split the opposition. Of course divide — refuse to cooperate with the nationalists and Communists. Otherwise it is not the opposition, but some Tabor. Unorganized, which are not protected, not formulated principles.

It is important not just to venture-BOUTCHOUE, not in this sense. This may not be supported by the society, people. It is important to formulate principles, the objective of struggle.

Those, who is the opposition in the Council originally wanted to combine all, who is against Putin, as a result, gained just Putin's provocateurs, agents. This is not the way to go, We would like to develop in opposition.

This is one problem. Option – Let's first dismiss Putin, and then decide, which way will develop Russia-does not work. But that is the position of the nationalists, left-wing extremists. It is very similar to the position of the Kremlin with its special way of development of Russia.

Konstantin N., What is happening now in our country? Where we're going?

Kremlin Corporation, Here the group around Putin, trying to retain power. This is their only purpose. Economic, the political foundations for the existence of this power is no longer. Move to disaster. We are on the brink of the abyss, where already fall, In fact. And in an economic sense, and in the political. Huge damage was caused to the consciousness of the people.

Destructive actions of the Kremlin have led to the transformation of society into the crowd of Orcs. It is very dangerous. Judging by other similar regimes, I recently wrote an article about the Khmer, This is the general trend, the desire to develop an authoritarian regime in the expanse. He is not able to maintain normal state. He wants conflicts with everyone around the world, including military

As an autonomous existence proves impossible, shoving mode circumstances in external conflicts. Plus this is an economic reason: times standard survival impossible, the choice is made in favour of such here's war communism. Creates a psychology of defending the fortress.

Capturing Putin Crimea is also a way to achieve specific economic problems. Blackmailing the world community. As in North Korea — a few tests, and a little more rice. Feed-that's not what people. In the same way went and Russia.

And people have to confront at the outset — themselves, your consciousness. Against the Russians used a very professional, You can say, hypnotic propaganda. This is a few thousand people: and special services, and psychologists, and journalists, working at Kremlin media.

I do a lot of writing about this now is about the phenomenon of Russian propaganda from a scientific point of view, about Tom, how it affects people's consciousness.

We often talk about special, alternative ways of development of our country. (A) whether there is any possibility at all-a selection, no Western model?

There is no special way. There is no other way. There are principles, open and humanity. That forced the inhabitants of our planet to protect human rights. Individual! Then, that led to the adoption in the middle of the last century of the Universal Declaration of human rights.

There is no special way. There is no other way. There are principles, open and humanity. That forced the inhabitants of our planet to protect human rights. Individual! Then, that led to the adoption in the middle of the last century of the Universal Declaration of human rights.

If all these documents to collect, it becomes clear, that this is the only way for the development of humanity. The path of freedom, market economy. And everything else is a fudge in order, to not develop normal way.

There are several models of the transition period. But our objective is very simple. Protect your own principles. Stand up to them and talk about them. And yet — talk about those policies, who pretend, that they protect, broadcast Western route, and actually, more often than not, engage in imitation of democracy. Thus covering up the authoritarian regime. That becomes dangerous, primarily for its own citizens.

Is there any way out? Whether Russia will survive under the circumstances? We come finally to the civilized world, will develop in the normal Western way?

I have no more hope, in such a way that Russia can survive. On the territory of Russia, most likely, It is formed by several States, who will survive on their own. Choose your own path.

And in this kind of Russia will no longer be able to exist. Too much damage done to Putin and his entourage. Minds iskoverkano. All hope, that disintegration in Russia survive without any large military conflicts, Although this is unlikely, Unfortunately.

Nuclear weapons are our misfortune and curse. There would be no nuclear weapons, Putin and his entourage would have existed not so long. Then, that they are doing is blackmail the rest of the world.

Not a very happy prospect. Nevertheless,, life and political struggle continues. Let's go back to your party "Western choice». What you can do today?

In today's Russia opposition party have only one task can be: the struggle with the Putin regime. We are doing this. Continue to create regional offices, collect supporters.

We are in the midst of the most powerful propaganda, that retort. Create different structures, Information Agency, Print article. If there is a possibility, the "echo of Moscow", where, Unfortunately, not all materials are. What should we do, censorship is a reality of our time.

We work with our audience — with those, who is not acting propaganda, with people, who can resist.

Whether your party to participate in elections? And whether it's worth going for the coming elections in our country? Why?

We have decided to boycott the elections. Election is a way to ligitimizacii authorities. They are interested in, to maintain this legitimacy — in the eyes of the West, in the eyes of its own citizens.

The position we have expressed their. But the fight with parties we did not intend and do not do this. After all, It is also useful: Let people commit mistakes and see. None, true, then recognize these errors will not be. As it was already many times, When we talked about, that whole story with the nationalists will end, what they will be beyond the Kremlin. Well here they are and supported the Kremlin, for example, on the issue of Crimea. At least, a large part of them.

And if involved, the "Western" choice in favour of civilized development. We have all recorded in the program. In any case, the important component will be to lustration over čekistskim mode. No work has been completed on the lustration of communist power. It was a period of terrible crimes, which are not investigated.

Now Fund Novodvorskoj. One of the paragraphs of the programme is the establishment of the Tribunal over communism.

Konstantin N., could you tell, the party was founded as the Western choice», who are the participants?

Just made a statement, created Facebook group. Within a couple of months gathered, I think, man 200 asset.

Very much provocateurs! Just the crowd. The first theme, discussed is whether we will cooperate with the nationalists. The most severe during the first six months were approximately. It's such a struggle inside. Some people came, started to convince, that nationalism is a salvation for Russia.

Small provocations were. For example, a very active person, who started the fight with homosexuals in the party. Another, Vice versa, tried to make it the main principle is the protection of sexual minorities.

Provocation was very much. Six months of heavy fighting within the party. Had to just block these provocateurs. Remained the strongest, serial.

Latest story. In the course of the year, I've found, the fight is over, already used against us more subtle mechanisms. Shipment registered, issued us license. And then, When it was necessary to register offices, something they have happened in the Ministry. They started suddenly, fight with us. Some regional offices have refused to register with a very funny language. For example, There was no comma at page 286, and you will, on this basis, can not apply for registration Regional Office.

Apparently, changed the concept of Justice, in the Kremlin. They really wanted to create a competitive Wednesday in politics. And then change your mind, scared. As a result of 58 regional offices have managed to register, It seems, 32, and it was necessary to 42.

It's all long and hard. Some parties were registered during the month of. Clear, This arrangement stood. In our case, with the party began this fight. In the end not registered. Oh and do not. The Court decided not to serve, the second cycle of not doing. Will unregistered party. And since then the party “West selection” not registered in Russia.

But we continue to make statements. We have an active chat. Several thousand supporters. Continue to work.

Today among our participants I would call Natalia Gulevskuû, Arcadia Jankowski, Indeed many people support our party. This active policy, cultural figures, who are the supporters of. But today we are not going to nominate their candidates to the State Duma.

The party is focused on the whole of society. Because her opponents serve all non-development options, that lead to the current situation. Or any other — are not surviving models, that offer to abandon the only possible way for the development of society, the European, American. There are variants of this progress. But the basic principles are always the same. Gradually, people are aware of the need to move away from the concept of the Kremlin. We try to work to the widest possible audience.

And I personally see its task, to prepare the change of political leaders, who will continue our work. This now and am.

Website of the party “West selection”: http://westchoice.ru/
Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WestChoiceParty/


  1. Давно слежу за деятельность Борового, умный достаточно человек. Все свои высказывания чем то подтверждает, аргументирует их. Не знаю точно понимает ли он что нужно для страны, но явно понимает что делать не нужно, и что явно вредит стране.


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