Ban on leaving police abroad: What's the big idea?

What fears Russian authorities?

Запрет на выезд полицейских за границу: в чем смысл?

In Russia at the very top of the discussed ban travel abroad for police. On the one hand, Perhaps, This is the first step, a certain stage to the lowering of the iron curtain. But on the other hand, such a measure, that could at any moment turn into law, has a very clear goal. With the wrong, referred to officially.

Police ban: history question

First theme surfaced then, When Russia only occupied the Crimea and the beginning of the aggression in Ukraine. At that moment the world was indeed on the verge of beginning a serious war.

Typical post one of the policemen on their professional forum:

"The world is on the verge of a third world war. If all returned, who would sit in zagradotrjadah?»

And really, Another way to fight Russia, most likely, don't know how to. Yes and it is unlikely that there will be at least then, though now not gabbing for the dictator Putin and his cronies money, and really that's so get up, go into the trenches and heroically lost under NATO air strikes.

In this regard, the wooden huts of Russia set the, Perhaps, the real role, they are capable of: hide behind the backs of our citizens and shoot you in the back, If anyone will run. True, While taking into account the number of, could be a paradoxical situation. It would be the world's first army, which approximately 750 th. current soldiers are protected 4 millions in protective groups. I guess, many NATO personnel would not be able to go to battle, If learned these details – from laughter.

Sami fear arrests

Of course, It can be assumed, that partly, but only very partially, the logic in the decision of Russian statesmen still has a. Really, individual Russian wooden huts could appear before the Tribunal on charges of crimes against humanity.

Moreover, It can be assumed, that many guardians of Russian law "is so mired in corruption, that risked being attracted to money laundering abroad.

But actually, It is questionable whether, to make it all so worried the developed countries. After all, until someone from the Russians will not do something, that would undermine the security and other legitimate interests of other States, they almost do not touch. Of course, hardly in America or somewhere else will endure a proposal for supplying weapons or drugs, but these are extreme cases.

As a rule, local police quite favorably treat their colleagues. Can be, at the level of FOREIGN MINISTRY and the Embassy of any country and will react with a certain amount of distrust to the representatives of the Russian security services, but it is unlikely investigators and police did not find a common language with their colleagues. Especially with those, who are engaged in real fighting crime, and not something else under the guise of epaulet. Something tells me, that even beer, That's for sure, personal meeting will.

So what are in fact afraid of Russian power, to keep people in uniform outside the country?

Police ban: the true meaning of

In fact, and the Kremlin, and deputies of the State Duma does not care about the fate of the police, which can sometime be arrested, mostly for those crimes, for which they could judge and home.

In fact, this tale. The Russian elite are worried only about themselves lovers. And care about their safety is not a policemen, but only ourselves lovers.

Just for this and is in danger of leaving law enforcement officers outside the country. Because there they can not tell, and vice versa, Learn the terrible secret.

What? And then, that Russia is not a great country. There that police do not beat their fellow clubs to protect their power from legitimate protests. People smile at one another. A police officer serves society, people. And is not perceived as the enemy, Accordingly,.

Another Russian police, After talking with others, may inadvertently learn, that Putin perceived-as a nonentity, as a real threat to humanity. And that the whole world knows about corruption in Russia is significantly more, than the citizens themselves.

And another police officer may verify, that refugees from Syria is not milk cows, with which you can borrow money for non-registration, as in Moscow or St. Petersburg, that they, too, can and must help. That stand in pickets permitted without problems, and rallies is quite normal. What's in the newspapers and on the Internet write all, anything, but not on tv incite hatred, a report by independent news.

After all, a Russian police officer can go to the store and try the normal products, made from milk and meat, instead of palm oil and soybean.

Of particular concern is the potential threat of, that, Russian people in uniform can accidentally find out, What kind of salary and social security gets his colleague. And understand, that Russian police costs significantly below, than the same Syrian refugee in Europe.

And who we are in police work? In Moscow and St. Petersburg only complete losers or those, who knowingly plans to have left corrupt income. But that's not the bulk, a rare exception. As a rule, into the power structures of the fall, young people from the regions. Nothing was seen early on their village or district. The current Government is based, by issuing them with rubber truncheons.

These guys will seize weapons without hesitation, But even not because they are bad. In the first place, they are illiterate. And do not imagine another life. A room in a hostel in Moscow, stable cheap salary on capital standards is the limit of their dreams and ideas about happiness.

Here's how the times these people Russian power and does not want to produce abroad. Because returning from there, not a fact, the police will then protect them, breaking Russian laws.


  1. And then we wonder: What is the youth we have is to work with the police? Yes indeed, a fairy tale after all, rather than service (sarcasm). I'm afraid even to think about what will happen next with unhappy servants law.

  2. Really sympathize with the families of the police, If the law banning exit still will. It's very disorienting family – separately from her husband on vacation abroad does not go, only rest in Russia, and so my whole life. Serves only the husband, (a), It turns out, affects all.

  3. I do not see any sense in banning turistichskogo travel abroad to all those, who is not related to State secrets. What military secrets, for example, to disclose a typical rural district? Ravings of some…

  4. In principle, article is very entertaining, makes you wonder. But the cops are people too and are entitled to vacations abroad.


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